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  1. Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    Not a fan of dan But im with u
  2. Top 12

    @Hydna @Baudin Toolan Congrats guys because 124 finished 50-60 days before dom...i mean congrats for everithing Smart people know what i mean I will just finish with this even i can say a lot more on broken english lol
  3. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    Why i cant write on serbian here anything
  4. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    Carma is ***** :eek:
  5. Pnp Mighty... Mighty What?

    I think you all should ghousted all leave guy win world and inno without money
  6. Top 12

  7. Top 12

    Whatever be they finaly try to make some changes and that is positive thing People are gone because of spam and only who can lose there is inno himself
  8. Top 12

    Btw @Baudin Toolan guy @Sems is well knowing spamer semajose .. He can explain for real what is spam as soon he make another account to spam people in every world
  9. The Fall of Bad With Names

    Probably lol
  10. R.I.P Bad with Names

    @Fixed Rates who give a **** what says guy who was eaten on tegea by his own alliance Guy who cheat and using bots Guy who talk all bulshit on WC Guy who think is so cool but all the rest think all the worse for him Guy who don't even play game but he finde fun about talking **** for others and...
  11. R.I.P Bad with Names

    Lol bro that last three word:eek: Never trust Balkan :eek:
  12. TKF's Power Rankings Edition Twelve: Bad With Names Against The World, Balkans Solidfy #1 Spot, Booty Warriors Rise, Greeks Rise!

    Before anyone say anithing more about people who left or join bb or ov Just remember that hours and hours was spent in game Hours and hours of RL So that people deserve to have another chance to do anything on server or at least have more fun and end game how they need to end I won't blame it...
  13. TKF's Power Rankings Edition Ten: OCEANS VETERANS Rise, Spirtum Sancti Hanging By A Thread, Warlords Fall Out!

    Um I won't say much Just every of us need need to think next time are u playing or not playing Keep going and keep siming is two difrent things You f*** up people with who you play with if you keep doing second thing You f*** up your team mates Problem start when 45 was secured People start to...
  14. Warlords - Cheaters & Bot user's Paradise

    I like how women's look on game ;)