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  1. Trash Talk

  2. Trash Talk

    Who’s Maxi and dhd?
  3. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances

    Pretty sure Licensed, Misfits and Survivor Warriors are together. Hope I’m wrong, would be a shame to see 3 alliances pacted together.
  4. Trash Talk

    I don’t want to sound rude, I don’t have any issues with anyone but 1saaa do you play this world? I mean 5 cities and 8k BP... Moving alliance isn’t at all wrong, I was a leader sure, but they have new ones and are doing fine.
  5. Trash Talk

    Why call me out? The whole server I’ve been fighting against multiple alliances with a max of 1 pact. Why not call someone else out, maybe someone getting LTS from 4 alliances? That’s much worse than changing alliance to continue fighting properly.
  6. Trash Talk

    Infinite Army are bad lol
  7. Top 12 Pharae ~ Top 12 Sink or Swim ~

    Very nice and thanks for the swim. A few things: Mercenaries are relatively new hence the low BP Nightmares are now under new management NoName might not find it so easy anymore.
  8. Trash Talk

    Everyone forget to build DLU or something? I did too
  9. Top 12 Pharae ~ Top 12 Sink or Swim ~

    Nice job James and co Sounds like a lot of fun, well played.
  10. New Update Killed My iPad

    Can’t send revolt attacks in the App version, tried in mobile browser but nothing responds. Works on pc. Would be nice to take cities in a war game but you know I’ll stick to not revolting cities just for fun. Posting here because it looks like it might be the same issue.
  11. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    If casuals like Bucks can make 12k imagine what good players can get
  12. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    Let’s be honest, if 90% of people don’t like it but it gets them more money then it’s not changing. Personally, I like it though
  13. Top 12 Pharae ~ Top 12 Sink or Swim ~

    NONAME: NAP with Mercanaries, Pacts with Infinite guys, apparently something with TF/Fiasco... Anyone else in 55 you want to hug with?