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  1. Do WE Rule Bellerophon ?

    ^ The life of playing against people who give away cities and then colonize on every single island
  2. O54 can't take the heat?

    The expression is don't make me laugh and that's my point he has turtled his way through the world rather than fighting.
  3. O54 can't take the heat?

    exactly except that is the majority of my year. ive been simming the majority of the last year or so barely defending cities. Now im back and actually doing something again yet some still think I don't know what im doing because it doesn't show in my stats (not just you lord pc)
  4. O54 can't take the heat?

    he wasn't talking about bladespirit he was talking about me. And if you want proof that he spams me I can forward you every single message ive gotten in the past 2 weeks. And if you mean trash talk calling him a turtle who eats and defends inactives for his bp than yeah sure I guess I trash...
  5. O54 can't take the heat?

    There seem to be some players in a certain very large alliance in the world who can't take the heat from a smaller player and resort to blocking all messages and spamming messages daily about how terrible that player is. Hmm I guess some people just can't handle it when someone is willing to...
  6. STYX-TFC war

    Congratulations woodby! you were a spy! by that fact you have no right to talk to anyone about being bad and falling apart and im sure youll have a lot of fun being unalligned with 3 cities...have fun eating 1k ghost cities
  7. Top 12 alliances disscussion

    Gun is an excellent player and continued to hold off misfits until he was forced to leave. I srill play with him in Myonia and he is an incredible player there too
  8. Top 12 alliances disscussion

    you like to talk a lot of trash woody for someone so small and far away from us
  9. Milestones Rise or Sink (Top 12 Alliance)

    congrats mate.....the wonder stage has now begun though...theres no more delaying
  10. Milestones Rise or Sink (Top 12 Alliance)

    whos baby is it?
  11. Milestones Rise or Sink (Top 12 Alliance)

    they already kicked warlord now theyre resorting to getting our players out to delay it
  12. Milestones Rise or Sink (Top 12 Alliance)

    Hey Alcarin im not the one defending the not wasting my defense to die against a 600 horse nuke that cant even be sent anywhere beyond that island...and oh..wait..whats that..your biggest account on a world is only 300k? you should be pretty proud of sure gives me the...
  13. Milestones Rise or Sink (Top 12 Alliance)

    what Mort is saying that it's a bit peculiar that NOW that the WW era is starting (and you guys have tried your hardest to delay it) that our players are being banned...and it's quite fishy and it has been done in other worlds that I have played and it is downright the most unsportsmanlike thing...