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  1. Newspaper Dion Global Newspaper Issue 1

    Nice & concise. I appreciate the time you put into this publication. "3"
  2. Triad

    I run with OV as I accept & love the leadership, cammoradery & we never turn our backs on each other. I was screwed by Triad in my firstever Grepo world with some players, that I will not mention. So you bare that name, be careful.. I don't the gold & play as true as I can.
  3. Triad

    It's all Early Doors. This world speed is a killer to get anywhere. So we all stake our claim & see what happens. But we all have RL's & stuff to do, so we can pace this at our leisure. Not a lover of the "back stab" mentality. So we fight, win or lose & off to the next one
  4. Strong Players

    Don't mess with Grepopatamus, the boi is a nightmare :)
  5. What Do You Hate About World Wonders?

    TBH, WW are just a pain in the preverbial. Too many bots, or un-satisfied better halves. I would vote for a "King of the Hill" winner takes all. No crown rotations, just a last big bust up before the world shuts down. Really do we need 2 years+ on a world & get all the drama that comes with...
  6. Not a Bug New farming UI - very laggy

    In addition, you can't trade villages if they are on demand & the new banner is up.