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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Float! FLOAT?!!! I ran out of favour to bolt your city so i sent a plague instead for that outrageous rating.
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    Wars of Pagasae

    For those interested 12 out of the top 16 alliances have declared war on each other...
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    Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    You can't rate your own alliance in sink or swim and give it a swim. That's pretty obvious bias. Also you couldn't more obviously be saying HINT! HINT! on half of these
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    Wars of Pagasae

    Tell that to your new buddies at the rim
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    Newspaper ISSUE 2 ~ The Weekly Pagasae ~

    I'm liking this because I want to see another issue, but object to your biased and substandard reporting - what about the rest of the world eh?
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    Wars of Pagasae

    Fear vs Soldiers of Destiny Result: Mass Defection and Annihilation of the Soldiers of Destiny
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    Newspaper ISSUE 1 ~ The Weekly Pagasae ~

    Looking Forward to an update of this
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    Wars of Pagasae

    When your intel is so screwed that you mistake two sister alliances for ones having a war
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    Pre-World Pagasae Discussion Thread

    Haven't played in months but these settings look intresting ... let's see what happens ...
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    The Gathering Of Gods (EN 80)

    doesnt mean i have to like it lol
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    Pre-World Rhammus Discussion Thread

    is that us time or uk time or german time?
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    Venominium (en80)

    Well this certainly won't be a boring world
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    New Alliance Recruiting - Peacekeepers

    reason your ocean is safe is cos thats whre all the rimmed go ...
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    Ocean 36 recruitment

    The betrayed has now disbanded, the remaining members will either join EXPLOIT, or will follow me and ben mealing soutwards to men of war