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  1. AP.- Daily News

    Ill believe that when you show me some time stamped reports of when exactly these REPO members attacked.
  2. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Ah i must have overlooked it, my apologies :D I appreciate the write up Virdian only way I can stay updated on current affairs while on vacation :)
  3. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Not sure that Invictus still exists? Does it still exist?
  4. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    I am on vacation mode so I cant really say anything about the current state of affairs, Ill be back soon though ;) but I have some issues with this post Virdian. My biggest issue is where you're getting your figures putting your point total above Thermopylae, by my calculations you should be...
  5. Newspaper Kannerak's Top 6

    Anyone have any updates?
  6. Top 12 TOP 12 SINK OR SWIM

    Insomnia has a pretty hardcore line up of top players
  7. Newspaper Kannerak's Top 6

    Whats the deal on Mayhem creating another alliance? Thermopylae ? This is a newspaper right? Where are the journalists :P ...probably too busy covering Trumps presidency XD
  8. Newspaper Kannerak's Top 6

    Looks like Imperium got some reinforcements on the forum :p This place needed a good defibrillation :D Kudos to Kannerak for that. I also think this Newspaper needs some new articles! Everyone is so stingy with information though :) Any news from down south? Up here in the north well its alot...
  9. Rate the Player Above

    Player: Virdian Points: 11/10 - No complaints here ;) good job on making Nr. 1 ABP: 4/10 - I had to scroll when looking at the top ABP page ( Im looking at ratio to total points here) Total BP: 5/10 - ABP/DBP ratio is good but rank 47 BP for a rank 1 player Reputation: 9/10 - Hes got Rep thats...
  10. Newspaper Kannerak's Top 6

    Just waiting for an update ;) I really like the analysis threads good job guys