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    Me? That? No!

    congrats Thomas:)
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    GFX Contest

    until we have enough teams registered
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    End of Black Shadows

    mabe he went on a lst minute trip and jumped into vaction mode at the last minute Anyway without him the alliance failed as he was the heart and soul of the alliance
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    Grepolis Advent Calender: discussion

    so they will be just floating around in the oceans and all we have to do its get them on the right day? this is gonna be cool!
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    Christmas break

    yes im gonna be gone visting a few cousins in Alaska during the break and i didnt want to put my account into VM
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    GFX Contest

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    GFX Contest

    send this info to PrimeX to register and ill add you to the list
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    GFX Contest

    is anyone wanting to make a team with sulleto? we still need more teams so we can start this
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    Ultimate Guide To The Forums Discussion Thread

    i didnt know you could do it! themightyone2 cool!
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    Personalities Discussion

    me to i love to go back and just read his post when i feel sad alex you do spam but their not like roosters they are just pointless post
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    yes like that:D
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    Personalities Discussion

    the Best spammers are people like Rooster Jones. Yes he may spam but his spam is funny and makes people smile and laugh:D Then theres people who just spam their spam does not make you smile or laugh it just makes people not like you
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    [spoiler]insert text here[*/spoiler] just take off the star:)
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    Harry potter and the deathly hallows. ~ Premiere Nov 11 ~ Nov 19th

    but he was still an important character in the series they should have respected his death more:(
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    GFX Contest

    so i took off lazer and mango from the list and put you up sulleto