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    Rate the player above you.

    This idea was taken from another world and is not my idea. The idea of this is to rate the last player to post on forum using the template below. Points: / 10 (How the players points are) Alliance: / 10 (How good the player's alliance looks/is) ABP: / 10 (Attack Battle Points) DBP: /...
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    Ally, War, Disband

    The Templar Order : War: seems to be a small alliance with poor abp. Damaged Incorporated : Ally: Good alliance , good abp with good shape about them, could be surprise package Krypteia : Disband : Good group of players within good alliance. Shame they need a sister alliance and not working...
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    Sons of Light

    Thanks: This world looks interesting and should be fun. Lots of great players have come to this world. Hopefully everyone will have fun.
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    Newspaper The Katane Observer

    What about War Cry : :eek: The Salvation Army’s iconic 133 year-old newspaper :P
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    Hello Katane - Lets have fun :)

    And good luck to you too. You are a well respected player somehow I don't think you will require good luck. There is a few big players here so it should be good. May the best team win.
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    Sons of Light

    Every Alliance starts with one player We are the Sons of Light Recruitment Requirements: Must be aggressive and active. You must be in Ocean 55. For recruitment contact: Therealpolis Pact Requests: Must be of same mind set as us Merges: It's not happening For Diplomatic matters...
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    Pre-World Katane Discussion Thread

    Hello all. Another new world about to open soon. What would you say is the best speed settings for a new world?
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    Merry Christmas Dyme!

    Happy New Year. to everyone within the grepolis community: I wish all Mods and Players a healthy and wealthy 2014. All the best
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    The Rimmers

    Please explain how I was losing a war. I have never been attacked by any illuminati player. If you know different then please back up your point by reports. You stated that a leader of the rimmers lost a city. Who are you talking about? You are just talking out a hole in your head. By...
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    The Rimmers

    what is your definition of a refugee? Then I will explain what a big load mouth is
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    Early Prediction of this worlds winner???

    By the way out of interest who was the leader you have taken out.
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    Early Prediction of this worlds winner???

    For the facts look at the stats
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    Early Prediction of this worlds winner???

    Refugees you are having a laugh. What is your definition of a refugee? Here is a deal for you. Post one attack you or any of your alliance team have made on my cities and I will resign here and now. How dare you insult me with your lies. This is a game no need to lie and make up stuff.
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    The Rimmers enemy_alliance=177&min_points=100&max_points=100000 You may want to study the above link
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    The Rimmers

    Dontasky you have 226 attack battle points. Those quests you are attacking must be shaking in their boots. The rimmers don't just talk the talk we walk the walk. How many cities have your alliance lost to the rimmers also how many c s has your alliance lost attacking. The best thing you can do...