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  1. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    i was ironic so to be clear-->nb sucks playing around nb sucks timing is tactical and i never had any problem sieging online players, i think many guys can confirm that
  2. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    i agree when you say "The point of the game is also not who can go more hours without sleeping than the others" everything else, i think it is a bit arguable. 1)your point on the problem i pointed out is like saying "it is your decision to choose to lose a city or get fked". is that how the game...
  3. Proposal Revamp NB and introduce it to EN for more beginner friendly servers

    my personal opinion: i understand all the players who ask for NB but as hydna pointed out, telling everyone your sleep time is even worse than playing without NB. MAYBE, and i say maybe because i'm not even that sure about this, in revolt you could have NB (wall 25, tower and 12 hours to react...
  4. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    if you don't want drama, just don't talk with anyone else, easy i will never understand how can people have 3 or 4 pacts and say they enjoy the game.... you need to spend more time talking with others than playing. even in your own alliance, why would you talk with others and discuss strategies...
  5. ingame index/pins

    1) title: in game city icons for enemies summary: easy way to keep track of every enemy city and have a better vision on the map using either ingame icons or the same that diotools provides description: grepolis is a strategy game and knowing what enemies have in all their cities can help a lot...
  6. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    new top 12 please, i need to know how world will go next few weeks
  7. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    action = none knows who is talking but atleast there is some spam... yeah, well actually we all love spam everyone down below insult cruel please, we love spam. best offense wins 1k gold gifted by mods
  8. Worst world start to date?

    please gold traders join O54, our market is empty
  9. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    agree. nothing much to say cap is meaningless. players who want a solid skilled group will play with a solid small and skilled group even with cap 40. mra will have 10 branches with cap 25, 6 branches with cap 40. nothing changes
  10. New World Settings Poll Part 2

    one question for all the players and moderators what is the meaning of this poll? there was a poll 1 year ago. possible options: conquest/revolt, unit speed 1 to 4, world speed 1 to 4,ww/dom,alliance cap. moral on/off winner was: conquest, no moral,speed 4 (both game and troop), protection 7...
  11. What Did Kill This Server

    i love you too parti <3 (yes, for whoever read me, i followed everything in this world. i didn't play it but i like my friends in there) and yeah. i (we) can teach anyone how to be "perfect" with timing. honestly timing is nothing without good players/leaders. everyone can have perfect timing...
  12. Vikings = Embarrassing

    only a quick reminder for those who can't check stats ( as you all can see, i am not playing the world, i'm only watching my friends ) milkarat: "we are fighting everyone" also known as: best war: going soooooooooooo bad. 10-48. asking for merge because they couldn't fight (i have screenshots...
  13. Trapesuz - Live Reporting

    urechis caupo search it on google. that's ivory's favourite animal, rumors say he is getting a lot of those. (yes i only opened forum to write this, but that fish always makes me laugh)
  14. What did killed this server ?

    there are multiple reason but for sure im not going to teach you strategy. for sure i'm happy that it allowed me to know perseus and pvdp who are really cool guys and nice to talk with. unlike my old allies (dt) who was trying to look cool with 8 different alliances to avoid fighting and doing...
  15. What did killed this server ?

    we made original innocent ghost on day 3 or 4 while everyone was under protection .what is your 200 iq reason for it? ask westlandiluc or whatever his name was what happened right after he wanted to look cool and leave protection. then go one step ahead, ask old parti member what was happening...