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  1. Top 12 by Yossy Bossy with hair so glossy you want to stick your fenix into it

    You've just insulted the UKs national health service there love. The rainbow represents frontline and key workers.
  2. The Story of Asine

    No he's not Puppet doesn't bot
  3. Update to Version 2.225 Discussion Thread

    Indirectly, her own vanity made her promise the most beautiful woman in the world to Paris, he did not need to kidnap Helen, he could have chosen strength or Asia but instead Paris's vanity made him choose Helen. So while you can blame Aphrodite for tempting Paris in a bid to stroke her own...
  4. Top 12 Top12 - Alliances/Predictions

    @Heres20BuckKillMe is definitely medicated but that doesn't mean he's double accounting. Half the guys i know in this game are medicated one way or another ;)
  5. Update to Version 2.225 Discussion Thread

    @Baudin Toolan is there a new goddess or is she just part of the trial thing? Will the new god and new troops be going into open worlds? Can we get a bit more info on this please? Is she just a temporary goddess or a full time one? And why the goddess of love in a war game, isn't there enough...
  6. Incantation Circle 2020 Feedback Thread

    they'll be different, they don't do the same thing anymore
  7. Answer the Question.

    Didn't think Silver Witch was a mod anymore
  8. Incantation Circle 2020 Feedback Thread

    Nah I called it, I was a day out on the starting date!
  9. The Story of Asine

    No dear you're just a brat ;)
  10. The Story of Asine

    That makes no sense, personally I think I've been far more respectful to Debich then a lot of others have been.
  11. The Story of Asine

    I do get that there are a lot of people on here with the same issue, but a lot of them have spent enough time talking to english speakers to pick up our sarcasm and dry witted nature. We can't put a joke warning in the corner of every post to ensure you know we are kidding. You need to meet us...
  12. The Story of Asine

    Honestly I think you are too sensitive, you need to chill.
  13. The Story of Asine

    You my silly boy occasionally r ridiculous. - ok this is hard lol
  14. The Story of Asine

    How about we play a game? I'm bored of seeing you all argue its not even funny arguing. How about for the next 24 hours still posting whatever bs we like just without using the letter E in any posts. lets see how well everyone argues without it
  15. Halloween Event

    the halloween event will not start after Halloween lmao. It'll either be next monday or tuesday most likely.