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  1. We Right Here

    I'd build....defense...just to kill it 10-15 eryns/mantis...about 1/4 of your nukes...within an hour you'd replenish's pointless to play this game that's not even a game anymore...with speed 1 i dumped a fair amount just to rebuild past servers admin's were...
  2. Erik ghosted...again

    I am glad... there was justice.... http:// For so long....en33...had no you guys ran into a team that taught you a lesson. I am glad. http:// they way you all...treated...
  3. Divine Senses

    The way INNO has run it the last few years this game should have been death awhile ago. real talk.
  4. Divine Senses

    There's a lot MMO's games out there. Relationships keep this game alive.
  5. Divine Senses

    No. This company doesn't listen to its players. That's just a fact. If you criticize it you get banned. The new servers are not what they were in the past. This happens to all MMO game though. It's amazing really that this one lasted this long.
  6. Divine Senses

    Leo and many others have raised many VALID points..that others players are thinking. Yet no one listens. This is not the only game available. Gamers are gamers, we will find another.
  7. Divine Senses

    Very true. They will find an excuse to delete it. Truth is they are losing a lot of players...because they don't listen to their players.
  8. Divine Senses

    any comment dealing with the way INNO deals with this game gets deleted.... It's amazing....truly is. lol.
  9. Erik ghosted...again

    Word up.... done with this game.....i miss the so called friends/enemies...though....was a lot of fun with you guys..and everyone else....truly miss it...the game turned into something else last few "generations"...not down with it
  10. Retirement?

    This game is pointless...
  11. Erik ghosted...again

    Erik has never been the leader of any team TS has faced. You are confused.
  12. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

    I joined Sinope with a month or two to go before WW's hit cuz i had some free time. Either way congrats on your wins. This game has been dead for awhile. Bums like us kept it going this long lol. Happens to all MMO games. Companies gets greedy and ruined what worked in the first few...
  13. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

    You had your best ppl on me...whatever it was it worked.... i still think i could have taken you guys on..if morale was active.
  14. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

    Yes Sir...i kept my word like i said i would. You blocked me like the little girl you were. Had to relay relay messages to you thru your teammates. You lucky i didn't hate you guys enough or it would been have on, unfortunately real life took over.
  15. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    +rep That was a hard post.