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  1. The Game is Dead

    Is this sarcasm or you being serious?
  2. Top 5 & World Prediction

    Mel never leads the fighting side of the team tho :p
  3. Newspaper Joint Paper; Tackling the Stories of Andros

    Hi Meng, thank Meng :D Edit: the mushroom forest seems to be a state secret, noone will ever know where they are held
  4. Newspaper Joint Paper; Tackling the Stories of Andros

    Even when being in the title I still get ignored. @Evil MeIinoe you see what I mean? Always stealing all my thunder ;(
  5. Top 12 Sink and Swim Series by MeI

    Merges with all allies Complains about having no more allies **Thinking Face**
  6. I wish this game was cool again…

    There are so many problems with your suggestion tho which you haven't considered. Revolt worlds: it takes 12 hours for revolt to go red so you have 2 choices, revolt the player right after his 8-hour free window, assuming TTs or around 1 hour for your average revolt, that leaves you 3 hours of...
  7. Pnp Event Horizon - House of Criminals

    (Join the dark side @Mole man 420) PS: We have cookies
  8. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Eyo umm why toons players bother to send mass LS spam on a world that's dead and over, 1 day before peace time. You guys really got nothing else to do or you not realized you lost 3 months ago yet?
  9. Worlds for the larger player base

    The teaching stuff I'm with you, the last 2 worlds my team was half full with new players, forums were full with guides on just about anything and leaders kept DMs opened. I personally taught about 4 players the whole game basically and many more asked for tips and tricks on specific subjects...
  10. Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    Note that Ares didn't even have to say it, outside observers see the picture quite clearly Also what cowardice did we show? strongest ABP, greatest city take, strongest WW show and smallest city loss, tldr the best war scores on the server, what are you going on about?
  11. Its Time To Consolidate Servers

    Localised servers allowed for night bonus which allowed for a more casual player base, you can't have a night bonus as it is currently on Internationals that's the rationale behind it. That being said with a player base so small, Inno should really consider merging servers
  12. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    And more of my point exactly... Always pointing outwards, never thinking your wrong and have to push your shitty ideals. Noone, and I mean no one blamed bloods for starting the upgrade. This has been said many times, it's a very natural thing to do. I've said this 50 times but I guess I need to...
  13. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    Look at that, Timur is once again making **** up or unable to look up things properly (btw you suddenly know why the hacker did the hack but up until 2 days ago still didn't believe in a hack?) The hacker was boasting about spamming someone into suicide, something so fucking twisted I don't...
  14. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    I wonder what makes us want to talk ****? maybe the constant nonsense you and your deluded friends like @TimurTheGoat keep posting? I will have you note that it is not bloods as a team that causes this debate to rage on, but merely the deluded individual dead set on pushing a faulty narrative...