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  1. Top 12 Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Nocturnos have appeared on the rim of 44, wander how long it is till we see Arcanos... Daemanos.... Incanos... Somethingelse-nos...
  2. Answered Will a sent CS land on Red Revolt phase if vacation mode has been activated?

    If i start the 48 hours of wait for VM now, with a cs in the water inbound on a city, will the CS land or bounce back?
  3. Inactive Topic Keybinds

    Looks like it won't be seeing any support this time round either:p
  4. Inactive Topic World Map- Ancient Greece

    This a pretty awesome idea, i'd definately play a game like that. The drawbacks i see with this idea are: 1)I doubt innogames will be huge fans of putting all the time and effort into doing this just to do it on every third world. (Perhaps this can be a Grepo v2 like they did with TW? 2) The...
  5. Inactive Topic Keybinds

    Oh my bad. Didn't know it had been suggested before. And yeah i know premium only sucks and now that i think about it, it seems like quite an elementary game feature which shouldn't need to be bought...
  6. Wish List Endgame Revamp (Stronghold Victory)

    This is a pretty cool idea and would also completely irradicate the sim city attitude of World wonders:/ With this there will be a constant war over spots on the island:) Sounds awesome:D i'd be happy to have this implemented. And i dunno, an idea for why flying units can't get there is it's...
  7. Inactive Topic Keybinds

    Proposal: To have key binds that open certain windows, similar to how the arrow keys navigate through your cities, keybinds could be implemented to quickly switch between map views and buildings etc. Have you Checked the DNS and PSI lists in the Archives? Is this idea similar to one that...
  8. Full Screen Overview Active on Beta

    Boris, that's an interesting idea though would this animation play continuously from the moment the attack was launched or only as it became more imminent? Because i think this idea could be changed slightly to show a certain image when the city is under revolt or under siege (is that still...
  9. Full Screen Overview Active on Beta

    ^I'm pretty sure this is just a cosmetic update rather than a gameplay update, i like it, looks good. But as others have said with the new wider look of the city the outer bits of it seem quite empty and could do with some filler buildings... Maybe ones that change with your point level? Just...
  10. Christmas Calendar Contest Questions Thread

    great... :/ missed out on the event because one of the mods couldn't be bothered to get up earlier.... :P
  11. Christmas Calendar Contest Questions Thread

    ^ advent calendars only go up to 24. :( this is annoying because i'm leaving in a few minutes and i will not be able to access this until 26th meaning i won't be able to post my calendar unless they open it up pretty soon :P ....
  12. Christmas Calendar Contest Questions Thread

    still closed.... :P 24th is good prize :) 100 gold..
  13. Pre World Helorus Discussion Thread

  14. The Demise of Grepolis (premades)

    haven't seen any good premades in a while though, i mean like ones that are purely made from scratch not other alliances coming from other worlds, i just wish i could find one solely based on fighting with no pacts and rubbish like that :P
  15. Grepolis World Record

    :D :D that's amazing! :P