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    Most unhonourable alliance I've seen in my 8 years of playing

    JD why are you guys on here talking? Aren't you supposed to be sending 50 biremes to all your revolts?
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    The Story of Asine

    No just trying to add some positivity to the salt mines known as the externals. Have a nice day everyone and good luck in the world too all.
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    The Story of Asine

    Hello everyone. :)
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    "Centre your city on the map after switching cities" off, mobile

    Can't tell you how many times I've done this. Maybe a million.
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    Update to Version 2.220 Discussion Thread

    Nice work Inoo. @Hydna don't listen to the haters you're doing an excellent job as a mod. I love the community events on the externals it really brings a lot of needed activity to the externals.
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    "Centre your city on the map after switching cities" off, mobile

    I support this idea. A simple fix to make the app more playable.
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    Bring Back The Grepolis Player's Council

    I support this as well.
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    The game is gone

    Hello Inno did you forget to pay the bill this month?
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    Maxi kicked

    I don't care the reason. If you had such a problem with her then you address it. I was in the council room as plenty of ships and Ubi memebers were ready and willing to drop out and fight you guys after your continued complaints about us. And you know who stopped us from doing that? Maxi that's...
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    The Kelendris Times Issue I

    Loved the newspaper and look forward to the next. My guess for the hero is Zuretha.
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    Top 12 Top 12

    And what exactly are your sources for that? You guys come in posting half truths and tall tales with no credibility. Considering that wib is up against several alliances and still here speaks volumes to their overall team. I think they've done well on this world considering it's their first Dom...
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    Pre-Domination Newspaper/Interviews

    Nice one love seeing everyone's answers. Good luck to everyone playing in the world.
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    Hey how have you been? Long time no see. Hope that you are doing well.
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    Hello en117 how are you doing? :) I made this thread to say hi to everyone and hopefully have one thread on here that doesn't end in constant bickering. If you have something negative to say take it to the trash talk thread please.