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    Top 12 Top 10 Alliances

    Its the latest tactic to gain slots unfortunately - ah I remember the old days when you could attack yourself for full I miss the old days
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    Top 12 Top 10 Alliances

    What? where? damn need to finish this celebrating first then we will have a look
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    Proposal PvP world

    Why not just one world where the play is as now (say revolt) with alliances etc - BUT - NO GOLD, NO EVENTS. Just straight forward skill. Or would everyone play this world and none of the others lol.
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    My first interaction at trying to join animal farm/pet cemetery

    Sorry to hear of your treatment by Animal Farm, Bloggs. I noted Binbads comment about joining Nemesis - well you could do a lot worse. We are considerate, fair, committed to equal opportunities, give free advice and have great Christmas parties. Sorry to say that recruitment is closed at the...
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    Milestones The most shameless alliance ever! And the most untrustworthy player so far!

    The BEAR returns................. get your reading glasses out
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    Pnp Leontini 2.0 aka Pseria

    Wow - too much time on your hands
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    Top 12 Top 10 Alliances

    Evil - HI how are you and sorry I stole your name lol i did have it from 2012. great top 10 - however at this speed all alliances are in with a shout especially when they gold the event. Once the event has finished we shall see what players are made of.
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    The Weekend's Newspaper and Top 6! War rages everywhere, QoQ turns on SnS, SnS have a bunch of players unable to play

    Well done on the newspaper - Anyone who spends a lot of time and effort providing newspapers needs to be congratulated. However its always difficult to keep up with events when they move fast. The biggest event so far must be the war between ANA and SNS. There had been small skirmishes up to a...
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    Top 12 Top 12

    Whilst I play with Gold and believe I use it carefully, I also think the movement of resources around cities, what you build in a particular order and being aggressive and/or thoughtful in defence is a skill set required for this game. However Isolated suggestion would certainly be an...
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    Trash Talk

    StAthanasius - are you playing this world?
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    Top 12 top 12 sink or swim

    Boring.......I am sure this is a top 12 sink or swim thread???? so stop talking about what has happened and start with the what will happen..
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    Newspaper Istros Paper Second Edition

    really good mate - you put a lot of time and effort into it - well done
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Closest yet - lol