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  1. Emporion: TS World Winners Update!

    Hello Cloaca Maxima, Here we were against three, self-proclaimed, previous worlds winners alliances (Barbarians, Toons and Drifters). To be honest we had no any problems fighting all three at the same time, with addition of some smaller alliances. All three alliances had some really great...
  2. 2.110 Discussion Thread

    I as a player who buys gold I want this "Green scroll" that appears with every action in the game and "Highlight Options" gone from the screen. These functions are unnecessary, annoying and should be removed as soon as possible.
  3. Speed 1 and Gold

    Yeah, last super active world was sinope and after sinope we got insta buy. This says it all. My prediction is that next "great" feature will be moving cities from island to island with the help of gold.
  4. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances~ Sink or Swim

    Good read, well done Tmax.
  5. To all the alliances in this world.

    Here are some facts for you easily verifiable by any website that tracks grepo: The Syndicate vs Barbarians 62-1 The Syndicate vs The Bloody Axe 32-0 The Syndicate vs Transient Drifters 18-0 The Syndicate vs Black Down 17-0 The Syndicate vs New Toon Alliance/Defenders 10-1 The Syndicate vs...
  6. is penaldo a spy

    Not exactly the smartest move denigrate like this one of the best players in your pact alliance but than we got used to see ludicrous actions from you such as destruction of 3 WWs, blaming your team member in sinope for being a spy and eating him and now this. Keep going!
  7. can you teach me how to play this game

    Are you talking about ErikWijmeersch? I heard that he is a legend and the most handsome grepo player also.