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    Would be nice to have players stick around :). I wonder if any real pre-made is going to come in a week or 2 though. Btw this is everything but a top 12 thread. I should start a new one and mod should rename this to general chat hahaha
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    True ^^, you guys are still keeping to traditions :)
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    Looks like indies started a 2nd alliance as well ;). Stop giving us cr*p for doing it :P
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    Well those are some harsh accusations daizan :), of course we will teach the players that want to be thought and ask questions. I've done this countless times. I don't see why would you go personal here bud ^^, we will drop some players as we figure where our core will be before BP ends, giving...
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    Why so much hate on us :(
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    30% premade 70 % MRA ^^ Perfect balance :)
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    Who knows, we might make another one ^^.
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    LMAO, after BP ends it will be fun for sure ^^
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    watch us ^_^
  10. Virdinians Recruiting Serious Players

    Looking for good players to join up ^^ Message me in-game (Virdinian).
  11. Wars

    I must say considering the huge 20% attack boost you guys had from the event, I would have thought that you guys would target more than O54 cities and our internals :). Still not a bad job by Thermopylae. Don't celebrate yet ^^
  12. Pnp HEROES

    huh o.o?
  13. Top 12 Alliances

    Nothing stops the players from sending reso to the players in the main alliance and allowign them to favor farm them though :)
  14. Top 12 Alliances

    Funny how we have different approaches to the current state :). Btw is top 10 even needed xD? Anything out of top 6 is pretty much sink lol
  15. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Don't forget our Invictus ;). A feisty academy ^^