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  1. Ocean 22 or nearby? Join me at Ultimate Force

    Let me just add that this so-called "Ultimate Force" has/had nothing to do with the original one, created in Eta in 2010 and which went on to win 2 servers after merges WITH (not INTO) other alliances.
  2. PnP - KE-SB - KE-CR

    My suspicion that whoever, sorry whatever, is delusional has proved to be right. He talks about things he doesn't know and then gives a ridiculous image of himself. Man (?), LoP started attacking us while we were at war with the KE in the south of O43. Elusive the coward understood that we...
  3. PnP - KE-SB - KE-CR

    Whatever mental disease is making you delusional Funny how people have little more to do in life but assuming things and distorting the truth. Talking about what you don't know seems to be a nice hobby for those without a life outside Grepo. UF didn't run away from any war. We had just...