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  1. TS vs FC

    wow, the war is still going? sheesh
  2. Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    4000000.....i think
  3. Phone app, increasing simming? changing the game?

    i guess so. But there aren't enough player getting into the attacking bit of the game. The best part about the game is attacking. but when people only build up city wise, you don't gen enough Bp in my opinion
  4. Phone app, increasing simming? changing the game?

    i agree. Too many of my alliance members don't use the forums, but reply to messages which means they must be on mobile. i mean, mobile is handy for building the odd thing quickly, but you need desktop to plan and wage war with alliances that are obviously gonna beat you so when they do, you...
  5. what is with the slow bp in this world ?

    yeah, far too many new people joining. It's good that the games growing, but sometimes it spoils the fun of a good old war. The syndicate on zacynthus, they were a good alliance to have wars with
  6. Celtics

    yeah, like your rank, requirements ect.
  7. Angordia

    Aha, good one. It's true, they're not the brightest bunch. How AG go in dim? Sorry I had to leave
  8. Temple Guard

    Because we are moving to a selected ocean, that has no players in it yet. But we will be tightening the requirements soon thanks when did i say we were pro? ??? :)
  9. Temple Guard

    thanks shake, your one of the best founders i know too :D
  10. Temple Guard

    i sent you an invite to found your city next to mine, so i can help you easier
  11. Temple Guard

    no probs, it's what i do. I'll be waiting for your message :)
  12. Temple Guard

    are you on zacynthus? if so, just message me and i will invite you. if not, i guess you can join, and we train you
  13. Temple Guard

    are you on zacynthus? if so, just message me :)
  14. Temple Guard

    Hello there, I am warwolves, the Head Founder of Temple Guard from zacynthus. We are a fast growing alliance, with over 40 members. we are in the top 50, almost top 40 best alliances on the world. We have many powerful allies and pacts, and i have many powerful friends. Joining us would...