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  1. En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    Yep it's a shite tactic that I personally hate, but it's in the game and allowed by the mods. Nothing I can do about that me old chum :)
  2. En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    Lmao, the players you mentioned are NOT banned, thus nothing was done wrong :) Screens mean nothing if the mods believe we played fair.
  3. En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    How does it feel to be completely wrong? You need to learn the difference between random spam and an Op+Gold Blocking before crying to the Mods. Good that Greppo support do in fact know the difference :)
  4. Proposal No gold, no events

    No, literally no-one forces you to read them. Also if people bang on enough who knows they may do a buy in World, doubt it though.
  5. En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    G'day chumps & chumpettes :)
  6. Proposal No gold, no events

    Its been said before but a Buy in World would be good. 5-10k Gold buy in with Instabuying switched off
  7. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    Until a few hours ago I had 0 team mates, wasn't sure what I was doing but thought I'd stick around for a bit. Not sure how you complaining makes me a snowflake but hey ho :p I have in-game friends in just about every Alliance in this World even Red ones, it's a fun game don't you know :)
  8. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    Erm a quote from your ingame bio... Prepared for peace, Ready for war Isn't peace, the very thing you are prepared for, a way of wanting to Mass Pact & recruit?
  9. En149 - Top however much I can be bothered to write

    One is up to 70k ABP today before BP ends.... Seems legit lmao :)
  10. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    I said in the 2 months we fought them there was very little sign of spamming Re-Golded nukes, which is true. Anyhoo it was a pleasure to fight alongside you for a while Habbibbi :)
  11. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    I want to make it abundantly clear Gold isn't the actual issue there is a ton of things in the game it can be spent on. The problem is when Inno implemented the insta-buy feature instead of the old reduce % time. That tips the scale from manageable to not for most people. The Insta-buy for...
  12. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    All I read from DOC here was... "Gold gold gold gold Gold? Gold gold nuke nuke gold gold Goooold nuke ha. Gold gold gold pfffft nuke gold gold". ;)
  13. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    I didn't get to fight Ocean Veterans, would have liked to for a while as I heard a lot of chatter about them. I fought against Blue Beers, True Fear, Cuddlers and then for a very short while Fiasco... I was based over in the West 6-8hrs from O55. That was the only negative thing I can say about...
  14. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    LC had a significant battle with TF over the course of 2 months. LC lost around 81 Cities, I personally lost 6 & was Ranked 3rd in the Defenders chart for a fair while. I'm telling you right now there was very little sign of Golded nukes. I'm not saying they don't Gold nukes, just our War with...
  15. Top 12 Top whatever-number-you-want

    Actually I do farm Gold on other Worlds from time to time. Maybe I'm just not farming enough then, I keep around 7-10k in the bank with Advisors active for about 6 months when I'm playing. I end up playing too much lol instead of proper just going for a flat out Gold farm.