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  1. Ouroboros 4 (Dream Team)

    Hi Dad :)
  2. Ouroboros 4 (Dream Team)

    Surprised to see you still here dude :)
  3. Pre-World Acherontia Discussion Thread

    No no no, it's... Hz muzt bee oot of tingz toooo talkz abutz ;)
  4. Pre-World Acherontia Discussion Thread

    It's called Gobbledegook :)
  5. Pnp True Fear(Back Stabbers)

    Yeah gutted I missed it to be honest, I remember you from Hydra :) Good to see you still around, congrats on the win :)
  6. Ideas for a no-gold world and how to make it happen.

    lol I have suggested & wondered why they never made a Grepolis 2 :(
  7. Pnp True Fear(Back Stabbers)

    My Alliance had a 2 month war with True Fear on World Hydra, they fought hard but fair. We eventually teamed up to take on Cuddlers who were Dominating the server. We were winning Cities off them until Fiasco dropped & bought the win. I really enjoyed my time working with True Fear & none of...
  8. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    I have been on VM since before Chrimbo, have I missed much? I was due to come back days ago, but I slipped on the stairs over the New Year & broke my arm in 2 places and fractured my ankle. Can only use 1 hand at the mo so have not come back. Hope you are all well & had a nice Chrimbo & New...
  9. Someone explain to me

    Someone PM'd me & said you do not see Narc if you do not clear the City... I never noticed that before lol :)
  10. Someone explain to me

    f5ab855137d7a081bdd5498b3a7658a9 -------- 053c12ca0e56fa187951eea5016a4b7c
  11. Someone explain to me

    How you can remove Narc while under City Protection? Narc & CP @ 13:38:51 City hit 13:40:34 - Narc confirmed on City City re-hit 14:26:15 - No Narc How is that even possible? @Baudin Toolan @Hydna
  12. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    Habbibbi :) Good to see you still around.
  13. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    Throughout the ENTIRE history of the human race smaller groups of people & enemies band together to fight an overwhelming superior force. So when this overwhelming superior force attacks everything in sight what do they expect to happen? Methinks Whojamawotsit may need some history lessons :)...
  14. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    Hope you have 45mins & a strong coffee to get through it all :)
  15. Newspaper Zaforos Newspaper #1+Interview with RRH

    I'd like to hear from Erik Whojamawotsit next.... Once he's finished MM ranting to the whole server :)