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    I've been away 2 weeks, amazing how much a World can change in such a short time lol
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    Ooooooh so all those players going from Bunnies to Fiasco is puuuuuuuuuuure coincidence :)
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    I speak as a complete outsider to all of your squabbles... But that my friend is what we call a load of Arse lmao :) We all play the game and know how these things work... That is either spying or secret Allies, simples :)
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    Resorting to spam too, 1000 reports this morn for me to look at. I turned down joining the big Alliances this World as its fun to fight them, but the numbers they have now are just silly. 17mil points with 2 2-3mil+ Alliances defending them, probably more. I was going to join them in a future...
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    I was messing... There are bunches of decent players in most of the top 12. Disappointing though that the top Alliance is 15mil points miles above everyone yet still has to recruit other Alliances to help them. From my experience from this World the *Cuddlers Vs the entire server" is fabricated.
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    1 Cuddlers 12861329 31 414882 2 True Fear 7710668 39 197709 3 Summer camp 5726324 36 159065 4 Little Cuddlers 5469420 38 143932 5 Killer Bunnies 5340379 29 184151 6 La Cucaracha 4977568 40 124439 7 Novichok 4817542 36 133821 8 -null- 3953320 37 106846 9 this bunny bites 3375718...
  7. Sink&Swim

    You mean big fat lazy Ameeeeeeeeeeeericans? ;)
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    42? Jesus, I didn't think there were that many still in 1 Alliance to drop lol. No wonder you take up so much of the map :)
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    Just have to add though to all of you... No-one drops with 45-60 players these days. Every Alliance has to pretty much Mass Recruit to hit the Caps. Then there are players worth taking in when beaten, this could also be seen as mass recruiting really. If you didn't recruit a lot you would all...
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    Man I need another bag of Popcorn, you guys really do love each other huh :)
  11. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    @50dollartech you got a mention dude lol :)
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    Ah this has turned in to a great thread... Where's my popcorn......
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    Oy I'm not a nobody :( lol
  14. Replicate the feeling

    Dont say that on the Forum the whole World can see jeeeeez Glad to have shown you some of the ropes, but not if you hang yourself with it deary me :)
  15. Am I the 1st Xbox player to finish a World...

    Ha ha yeah its tough work, I really need to get a keyboard & mouse for my xbox but just keep putting it off for more important things :) Kinda just got used to it though and chilling on my bed with a huge TV is nice :) If my xbox pad breaks I'm screwed though lol