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  1. Aegean Battleships Feedback Thread

    I scored an Ares rage token, do I need 10 of them to get the full upgrade? It says every time it gets "used" it upgrades a level, is this through attacks or what?
  2. Update to Version 2.136 Discussion Thread

    The poll troll on his grassy knoll stole the wretched contraption. It was his goal to roll the poll into his troll hole. That's why we haven't seen any poll for ages. Either that, or we have become mere irritations to inno.
  3. Rejected Rework Sea Storm already for gods sake

    It's just another aspect of the game that you have to consider. Stop being such a snowflake. I had an inventory full of favour tokens and someone launched a manti nuke at me. Over the course of 4 hours I used the tokens to cast zeus rages and whittled down a 72 manti nuke to 12. It was...
  4. Update to Version 2.136 Discussion Thread

    The reason given is that it's in response to "the community" suggesting and requesting it, although I have not seen or heard anything so far. I'm looking for those suggestions now. My gut instinct is that there's a bug somewhere and it's easier to do this than fix the bug. I do remember a...
  5. Update to Version 2.136 Discussion Thread

    I think this is going to irritate a lot of people. Once the impact becomes more widely known and felt, the flaming torches and pitchforks will be working overtime.
  6. Update to Version 2.136 Discussion Thread

    On a positive note, the markers next to cities in the drop down list will make life so much easier. Thought I'd better add something complimentary so as not to appear a moaning Myrtle.
  7. Update to Version 2.136 Discussion Thread

    The inability to stack certain tokens is a dreadful move and a step backwards. It's rare to get an island quest award, a rare award and an epic award all at one time but they can really get you out of a hole. In my last world, I had Aristotle at level 20, coupled that with a nereids spell...
  8. Eliminating Morale

    Morale settings are simply another tactic in a very complex game. Some worlds have active morale and that changes the way you play, for example a proxy war using spiked farms. Were you drunk when you wrote the original post?
  9. Winds of Change Feedback

    Next year, just replace the daily log in page with a 'your city is being conquered' page. That will be doubly hilarious for those in revolt worlds...
  10. Winds of Change Feedback

    All april fools jokes have to be resolved by midday otherwise it reaps bad luck on the prankster. Since it's long past midday, I fear for inno.....
  11. Winds of Change Feedback

    They ban everything else that's decent. Incandescent lightbulbs so now the house is harshly lit and hurts my eyes; wood preservative so my shed rots and has to be replaced every 5 years, kettles that boil water in under 5 minutes and microwaves that now take an hour to melt some cheese. Even...
  12. Winds of Change Feedback

    The new gods look like Disney Pixar animations. Is this going to be the next nauseating movie produced by pixar Or am I thinking of Dreamworks studio? W£ho's the one that did Frozen, that's the one, they look like characters from Frozen.
  13. Newspaper Olous Bungle Issue I

    Woot woot!! I can tell you with all honesty that I thought I'd crack it in 5 minutes and I was scribbling away for half an hour. Now I'm grinning like a cheshire cat.
  14. Newspaper Olous Bungle Issue I

    Oh. My posts just reappeared. What is this sorcery?
  15. Newspaper Olous Bungle Issue I

    I'll have another go, German owns the fish... cba to write down the rest as I've just done it once and the post vanished.