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    , lol io dont think its a coallition i think we are just getting karma lol I pulled aMac9 made to many enemies and amke some bad calls now we are paying for it , no hard feelings its a war game its my turn to take a beating :)
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    Heeeeey what are u on about we still have 14 players not in VM ;)
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    haha boring for you maybe , i can assure i have enough to do at the moment :)
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    I am still here just a bitt busy defending lol I'm get back to you when I have time to receive insults again ;)
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    Haha yea that was one help of an attack rush .. buzzer scared the begeebus out of me earlier .. I had litterly forgotten to build a wall in a city :)
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    We just wanted to have a fight with fiasco .. They played straight up with us the whole server , would have been funn .. Dude I don't mean to moan it's fine :)
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    and also the pMING IS more cringe than its hurtfull its just sad.. some dude we never heard of basicly suddenly jumps out from the wood work and is like " hahaha we got you" and i respond with beeing polite and saying "yes you did" his respons "hahaha you now i am gonna rim you" smh.
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    Yes i also want to know about this propaganda =?
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    pool party is odins lap dogs the remnants of some team in 65 -- Wolfs are the remnants of the vanguard team Erik is not alone in attacking but thats fine i am not meaning to give any heat to u guys in fiasco - i was suprised u guys wanted any help at all but thats ur call its a war game :)...
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    Dude haha we have been waiting the whole server for a fight with fiasco ... And then u guys all do an attack runn on the same day .. Pool party Wolves Odin Sabs Colabs Fiasco And fiaschos And it players has the nerve to pm me that we have many cities in revolt ... Dude we just wanted to...
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    Love how you are cocky after getting ur butt handed 2 you the whole server lol-- a fight with fiasco is hard with you guys sabs and fiasco is very hard i will admitt it :) but dude considering i recognize like 7 names in ur alliance from the original odin i wouldent say to much about players...
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    So sorry dudes i have been a loust cause for some personal issues l8tly had a little medical problem a while ago so i have driftet a little inn and out :) getting alot better and wl download discord on the new computer and sort this out :) my appologies
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    hehe the plan was always to fight eachother in end but missinformation is the name of the game ,, i can say this , from all the backstabbing,lying and maniupulating grep usually has , its been damn refreshing having the fiasco guys (especially Nutz) to talk to , i have made a good buddy inn him...