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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Yeah ;) Gauls and The godfather droped out completely yeah. Free to farm their city's w/o any resistance. Incognito, ATOMIC and Hellracers still standing strong in top 3. Honor and Power droped a couple of places but their average is acceptable for now. will stay around 7-8th place I think...
  2. Dark Energy

    can i join too?
  3. Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    6, so this is what forum mods mainly do?
  4. Newspaper Byllis Weekly Issue #5

    newsflash: the assasins took a city from warlods :Angry:
  5. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    for now warlords will defenetly swim due to big and experienced players but good leadership and organisation is also required later on
  6. Top 12 Alliances Sink or Swim

    why do you think warlords is very organised? perhaps it's a big mess in here..
  7. recall a takeover after a city has been conquered

    thanks :D, does this also account for ghost city's?
  8. Count to 150 before a mad... erm i meant mod posts

    five, what does the hero / titan icon mean by the mods?
  9. New to Grepolis

    you're on the rim, people near you will most likely quit earlier
  10. recall a takeover after a city has been conquered

    Hi, i've been wondering if it was possible to recall your takeover attack if the city you were taking over already has been conquered in the meantime.
  11. Genital Grinders

    jabba is right tough he might not be the right person to say it lol ;)
  12. Choose Your Settings!

    premades subfora?
  13. Discussion Alarm app for phone when attack is launched

    also they don't support all platforms with this feature, it really ruins the game by giving people who are willing to get out of bed at 2 am such an advantage,.. they should remove this
  14. Top 12 Alliances!

    wow:eek:, what happend? did they just randomly quit or lost a war or something?