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  1. Pnp Abdera WW Update V1

    We are all very upset over here at QOQ. :)
  2. Top 12 Sink or Swim+Discussion

    I don't post on the externals but I can't miss the chance to get this in. :D I will give it to you Dim, EN have taken the most cities from top 12 alliances in this world. But now you guys have started fighting us, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th? alliance, in terms of the number of conquests from top...
  3. Two for Flinching

    Hey, I don't take the cities around me on purpose. Don't need to become fat, need to keep my figure you know. Instead I just kill people's things for fun. :P Also Avera is no longer in charge. We're in the safe hands of Barb and some other unimportant people now. :D
  4. Two for Flinching

    He totally had a blast because he finally met me. :cool:
  5. Milestones World Wonder Era

    Let's not forget about the other kids that defended that city. :( Good job either ways, can't believe inactivity was our killer instead of something like not enough biremes to stop all your LS.
  6. Milestones victors of the world-lod and coalition.

    Congrats, you beat us at simming. :P Although it's not over yet. It's fine and dandy you got the 4 wonders, but I'm here for the crown.
  7. Top 12 Alliances

    Boop plays under amalia.manos 24 cities. :P
  8. Announcement Your new Moderator

    Aw, damn. I was hoping to ask you to help me just because we were in 24F together. :P
  9. Two for Flinching

    That post was a long time ago, but I think you'll find 3 of the players on the list on the first page are still here. ;) 24F, woop.
  10. Rate The Player Above

    Matt Points: 6/10 Definitely not bad as it's higher than half of the players in this world however could be better. Not sure on your start date so that could be the reason. Location: 7/10 Relatively close to the frontline with EOD. And even a city in our ocean. :P BP: 8/10 Good ABP, shows that...
  11. Rate The Player Above

    Points: 9/10 - One million is my goal in the end. Seems like you've already achieved it.. :( Location: 9/10 - Mostly frontline cities and if you looked at yourself on grepomaps, you are just a blob of cities very close to eachother. BP: 7/10 - I'm still ahead of you in ABP :D. Although your DBP...
  12. Top 12 Alliances

    That is just plain wrong my friend. Choosing our player with highest ABP, our leader and our player based most in 55 is good logic; unfortunately for you it's wrong though. ;)
  13. Newspaper Rhethy news 2

    I don't normally post on the externals but I can't pass out a good opportunity to solve a riddle. :) I believe the answer to the riddle is time. EDIT: Ok no, the answer is the letter "E". Beginning of End, cookiE, and it surrounds EveryonE.