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  1. Wars

    Kal, do you know that thermo attacked repo after 4 days of peace(not after 2 week, as they said)?
  2. Open Challenge to Imperium

    This world has been quite dull with the exception of quite a few moments of uncertainty. I really over estimated the Thermopylae alliance. I recall the very early discussions on Mayhem, and we thought that we would have to concede ocean 45. I was located there and was told to bunker those...
  3. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Hi, i was a Mayhem member and here is the story about Mayhem, as i can remember. When it was morning in Moscow, i noticed that the best players form Mayhem and Mayhem Incarnate had formed a new alliance. Then one of our remaining leaders had organized us and we had some good OPs against I'm...
  4. Top 12 Top 12 Alliances+PnP

    Mayhem has disappeared; Thermo, Heroes, Western Order are growing, So I am waiting for new list and new discussions.
  5. Newspaper Kannerak's Top 6

    13-5, Mayhem leads
  6. Rate the Player Above

    Player: Thecorsair70 Points: 6/10 6th place in ocean is good :) ABP: 4/10 BP: 4/10 Reputaion:5/10 Overall: 19/40 MY NAME IS ZASHY AND I AM REALLY DUMB