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  1. Pre-World Ypsili Discussion Thread

    another crap world settings
  2. No Open CQ Worlds

    personally i dont like revolt worlds or slow worlds which is why im not playing any worlds at the moment
  3. No Open CQ Worlds

    then they wonder why the game is dieing rapidily anbd over last year or so the been releasing less and less cq worlds
  4. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    i have a few comments on relating to the ignored polls one why bother running them if just going to ignore them two if the votes come back speed 5 every time thats clearly what people want to play i for one wont be voting again
  5. Dionysia Event Feedback Thread

    i think this event take to long for the odd occasionally decent reward most of the rewards are rubbish theres probally less than 10 rewards that are worth having i stopped playing the event at level 12
  6. gold price increases

    people either pay it or dont there choice
  7. gold price increases

    i cant see apple increasing there price by that margin
  8. gold price increases

    ive read the price increase what is the reason behind such a huge price jump percent please the game is declining and you bdecide to increase prices which will just make it decline even more
  9. New World (Creating a Team)

    marcus i think your being mis understood i think hes referring to the ones that spend hundreds of pounds a week on gold
  10. Feedback for Community Preview 2022.

    yes i understand that but will it also translate forums and messages to your language
  11. Feedback for Community Preview 2022.

    personally dont matter what you change if worlds are not opened that people want to play often enough and i think to attract new players to start to play the starting of worlds need to be faster i know when i started playing years ago i would have quit after a day or 2 if didnt have a freind to...
  12. Speed World

    why you think inno would open this when there no money to be made
  13. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    i cant see me playing this world as it like watching paint dry i might call it a day on grepolis in a couple of months after ww in the US server im playing
  14. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    wasnt they revolt i hate revolt
  15. Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

    theres not been a fast world for ages
  16. Artifact Overhaul Discussion thread

    sounds like a waste of effort on innos side and anyone that does it
  17. New God Ares Feedback Thread

    my opinion on this rebalancing is your making it into another dead god there will be no point in building them as ladons will be useless expensive to build for no real gain over other myths
  18. Spartan Event - Grep Devs screwing us without any lube

    generally i dont post much in here as its a waste of time as nothing is ever listened to i would have thought they would try to address the mass exodus of memebers leaving this game over the last few years and my view is it will only get worse
  19. Spartan Assassins Spring 2021 Feedback Thread

    events like this wont make people to want to spend on events
  20. Spartan Assassins Spring 2021 Feedback Thread

    these events are getting worse with every one to point its not worth spending on them