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  1. topofolympus

    The Story of Oricos

    What did you say? I think you missed the part of you botting and using multiple accounts because you were that bad of a player. You actually ran to another ocean because you suck that much and you needed multiple accounts to be able to do something and yet you still couldn't. And I'm bad? I dont...
  2. topofolympus

    Pnp Content Dump: Scientific Research Into Late-Stage Delusion

    Good to note, if you used TV, you wouldnt have lost WW (s)
  3. topofolympus

    The Story of Oricos

    This didnt include 2 others alliances TBC had to turn to Rafaelas and the other sh**y alliance. Kuddos, to hugging and still losing. Suck D good speed
  4. topofolympus

    New World Settings Poll Part 1

    Speed 5/5