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  1. Family Reunion

    Lol wtf you talkingn about The only one who was betrayed there was me by a player who i trusted and then he was giveing info to fiasco and later was giveing his cities in my core ocean And saying i went afk i was in vm for only 2 days because of travelling for work
  2. Family Reunion

    Been reading this **** you guys saying about DP but what i can say he always been good and trustworthy player Played with him alot times and every time he was helping his team and the leadership He never would betray his team And i am the best in this game you noobs
  3. Top 12 Top 6 Pre-BP Sink or Swim + Map join noobs
  4. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    you are the biggest noob in revolt and CQ
  5. Pre-World Kimolos Discussion Thread

    do we have world chat if we do plizzz send me linkl
  6. Pre-World Icaria Discussion Thread

    Any good CQ premades droping here
  7. Pre-World Hydra Discussion Thread

    Any premades droping?
  8. Gold Complains

    you think that is mine That is Lost1547 gold He is sending me picture of his gold every day to remind me what poor little shi.t i am
  9. Gold Complains

    I really don t understand why you guys gold Give us a chance to play
  10. Pre-World Elasa Discussion Thread

    Any premades joining this one?