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  1. OPYUS

    Make a competitive international world that is compelling.

    I'd come back for a world like that, and know more than a few good players that would be excited to play it
  2. OPYUS

    New Hybrid App - Bug reporting and feedback

    I've been trying use the Recruiting Overview window in the app but it's not showing me the saved units parameters I have for each city group, the first time I thought It was deleted but in the browser version the amount of units or city group are still there, but when I switched to the hybrid...
  3. OPYUS

    Devblog - mobile app feedback thread

    Can we get the static game content loaded into the installation package on the app, so the game can load faster on mobile??
  4. OPYUS

    Petition to Stop "Warfare Packages" from coming into the game

    Sign me up... this is unacceptable!