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  1. Proposal Abandoning a city

    LOVE this idea
  2. Feedback for Community Preview 2022.

    Great job. Love many of the changes and looking forward to 2022 changes. Thanks
  3. Pre-World Smyrna Discussion Thread

    Hey lets set up a pre-made team
  4. Massive Coalitions Inhibitor

    When the alliance limit is so small the only way to play the game is Coalitions. That is how the game is played now.
  5. Proposal Expand the Farm

    I would be for increasing the farm level.
  6. Pre-World Asine Discussion Thread

    Great settings I’ll be looking to join this world if any premades are recruiting players pm me I’d love to talk and get on a Team
  7. Turn off morale Yes/No?

    I would love if the Alliances size is larger
  8. What Do You Hate About World Wonders?

    WW is heart of the Game. I would not like to see the gone just change a bit. This game is about War. So let War be apart of building the WW. Here are the changes I like to see that could increase the need to take and hold cities. Add that in addition to holding all cities on the island, that...