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    I forgive you Penna
  2. thewilsh

    En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    I play solely for the expected implosion as its the best part of the game!
  3. thewilsh

    Update to Version 2.273 Discussion Thread

    Might want to get the date right in your announcement mate!
  4. thewilsh

    Pre-World Falkonera Discussion Thread

    Make it 8 hours …. That way I don’t have to wait so long to lose a city
  5. thewilsh

    Alliance Diplomacy

    I cant help being rubbish at this game.... i mean its just a game
  6. thewilsh

    Alliance Diplomacy

    To put a different slant on this; some our lot joined because we were asked to by 2 players who have subsequently quit for whatever reason. This left a couple of us holding the baby so to speak and not wanting to. From our perspective our current position is a touch more than difficult now...
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    Conquer a mod - Competition 3 x 1000 gold

    where are your manners? You at least need to say please
  8. thewilsh

    Conquer a mod - Competition 3 x 1000 gold

    You clowns still only have one city or are expanding
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    Pre-World Dokos Discussion Thread

  10. thewilsh

    Mythical Hen 2021 Feedback Thread

    Maybe split the difference and go for Wednesday 24th instead?
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    He's Alive.....
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    Pre-World Doriscos Discussion Thread

    You sucking up to Mods again?
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    Anniversary Gifts

    should have retired mate......
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    Most unhonourable alliance I've seen in my 8 years of playing

    It's all healthy banter mate but dont hold your breath on a suitable world to play :)
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    Tyche's Advent calendar 2020

    If the excitement and expectation is killing you hop on over to the Beta server for a look at the event.......
  16. thewilsh

    Tyche's Advent calendar 2020

    Depends on your definition of exciting :)
  17. thewilsh

    Newspaper Today in Sidon I

    they dont exist..... although probably making up some modification or interpretation of the rules to suit themselves.... or others
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    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    I am still breathing.... just
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    Conquer a Mod Competition (Pseira Edition)

    Seems to be some contradiction there then! I read somewhere you guys are banning people for attacking a little more than they should because its not "fair". So answer the question; what is fair play and what isn't because I am sure there are more than just me that are confused around this new...