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  1. Zarun-

    Pre-World Acherontia Discussion Thread

    The players are the ones going into Olympus worlds and spending money playing it. That speaks volumes more to Inno than some posts on forums - in a voting thread that wasn't started by an official representative. If people would stop playing Olympus worlds and stop spending on them then I can...
  2. Zarun-

    World Discord Chat Not mine, was asked by someone else to post it because they don't have a forum acc.
  3. Zarun-

    Pre-World Velopoula Discussion Thread

    Too bad grepo is dead and worlds are just 1 team playing it out. I'd love to give this a try otherwise. Maybe if it had came out 5+ years ago.
  4. Zarun-

    Looking for those ive played with in past

    I recognize your name because a group of us were convinced you were a mod in Smyrna, in that 'find a mod' contest. We were wrong lol.
  5. Zarun-

    Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    Yeah looked at grepolife and was amazed at how fast this world is over already. Hope you guys are having fun at least lol :) I'm still chugging away at Forge of Empires, another game inno is slowly killing with their greedy ways.
  6. Zarun-

    New game idea

    They've done it more than once. Smyrna had it too and that's not the world it was introduced in.
  7. Zarun-

    server merges aren't happening fast enough

    Server merges need to be sped up before the playerbases die out. US and EN should have been merged by now. Every world is 2 active teams pretty much. Game is dying a slow death and this would help. If we wait much longer then merging the servers will be a pointless endeavor.
  8. Zarun-

    Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    US server has 5/5 no morale revolt, opened 2 days ago. I'm surprised more of you aren't there instead here whining about this server's settings. I just logged in and I only recognize 2 names out of 200ish and neither is a poster from this thread.
  9. Zarun-

    world chat

    Someone (not me) set up a world chat.
  10. Zarun-

    Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    On a serious note, with 8 hour revolt we might want to consider bonuses for the defender since the game favors attackers so heavily. 10% to birs could work.
  11. Zarun-

    Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    10% to catapults would be funny for a WW revolt world.
  12. Zarun-

    Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    Yes I've seen a US world change settings on player demand as well (night bonus from on to off), but if we can't then we can't. Thanks for responding. Personally I like small boosts in a world, makes things more interesting. I remember US Farsala had a 10% speed boost, it was fun getting things...
  13. Zarun-

    Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    @Baudin Toolan since so many are asking for no morale is it possible to check if we can have it off? As bozebert pointed out 10 out of last 14 have had morale.
  14. Zarun-

    Pre-World Milos Discussion Thread

    Needs more work then. At end of en135 (100+ cities stage) I was being attacked by players with only 20 cities less but I couldn't hit back due to the 65-70% morale.
  15. Zarun-

    WW boosting change

    The trash talking stops now. We are in crisis mode.
  16. Zarun-

    Worlds for the larger player base

    I'm enjoying speed 2 myself. I'm getting too old for the high speed worlds hahahaha.
  17. Zarun-

    premium features broken

    I've been overwhelmed with questions about this, I just had to activate vacation mode again. I thought I was replying to a personal message, my error.
  18. Zarun-

    premium features broken

    I have their attention right now, I'm playing the game and thinking. en77 was great, i got #1 out of protection. get back to me with your thinking
  19. Zarun-

    WW boosting change

    Nuts right now players are being obliterated in 138. I saw this in 135 and couldn't do anything about it. Period.
  20. Zarun-

    Newspaper Smyrna Newspaper 3rd Edition

    What happened to Gagli?