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    pity there is no way to automate this in game. Such a pita
  2. Qn on Hero Usage

    oof i really goofed on the names there But yea if there isnt a way to bypass the waiting its tedious
  3. Resources

    How to get res effectively? The res generating buildings don't scale well (also they waste pop) Because i'm in a conquest (i think) server, inactives and quitters are few and far between Even with buffs (Island quest, Hera spells), its still a struggle once Beginner's protection and perks...
  4. Qn on Hero Usage

    Lets say I have 2 heroes right now, Ambrosia and Hercules Ambrosia is assigned to my (only) city How do I use Hercules? There is no option for him to go out on campaigns with my army. Does he have to be assigned to he city? If yes, does this mean I have to suffer the "arrival time" whenever...
  5. Any guide for unit/army composition? nvm found 1
  6. Any guide for unit/army composition?

    Cant find any here and the wiki doesn't give much beyond the unit's stats The best I found is a mythical unit guide in the US forums