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  1. Ready to cry

    Need a noob only world. Or a world in which teams have to be split up. I don't know, this is just absurd. On another note, I personally want to see if Fiasco can jump into a world like 3 weeks before endgame starts and still go for the win
  2. Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    The only thing I want to add here is Kleos' use of an ex-rabbit as a spy on us before their op. I can get over most everything else, but I really just wanted a fair fight. It probably wouldn't have saved us much, but I'm still salty about it now. Check out Botvid, who was active and online all...
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    Ouch. That op hurt Really was tragic that we were fighting 5 alliances this weekend. Now Kleos has the points of the next 4 alliances combined
  4. En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    I thought EU prided themselves as being the best server offered? That if a premade wanted to show their stuff they would come from whatever other server they originated on and would give it a go here? Its a global game, if you want to play with nighttime defense boost play on the US server
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    Timmy you make me sad :( Turtles are very cute!
  6. Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    MasterSpy, I don't know you, but I think we would all listen a little bit closer if you were to drop into this world with your goon squad and talk with your troops instead of your keyboard. You may be right, they may BP boost and gold, but that's how this game seems to be played right now. If...
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  8. Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    Quack? Fairly verbose