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  1. Top 12 Sink & Swim Series

    That was not supposed to be a like but a reply, that you think that repeating an accusation such as you have without fact checking or having any real idea of what happened makes you the toxic clown here, the simple fact that you think that such an accusation is something that can be aired freely...
  2. Newspaper Story of MeIinoe, Justice for Angodude; including True Bloods and Hidden Gems

    Please stop Timur I can not listen to this rubbish any more, it is not Nutz rewriting history but you. I had screenshots and reports from your players showing you had Fiasco painted red before you even entered negotiations. I also had reports from Victrix players showing you/Bloods supporting...
  3. Newspaper Coming soon - the Asine ***

    Hmm really lol You are the most courageous of men..... But you knew when you posted this there would be a reaction, so courageous or an attention seeking teenager ?
  4. trash talk

    My dear we are all new to this scenario ;)
  5. trash talk

    hmm dear god I do love the drama. make a decision, own it, no excuses be grown ups. But that is not how we do it is it?
  6. Top 12 Teos

    I rarely speak because tbh I am very lazy. Just my perspective, humans are really faulty acknowledging that and being willing to forgive and move on, shows grace and kindness . I have seen nothing but respect and decency from LOE leadership toward their players. The references to defence...
  7. Toons wins a crown but I am disgusted with it

    Nope again, Futbol does not represent Noc. Noc does not sit in judgement of other alliances or players, not our thing.
  8. Toons wins a crown but I am disgusted with it

    Nope Noc got no crowns cheap or otherwise