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  1. En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    Oh god living up to a Miknel style implosion. That's too much pressure man.
  2. The English are the weakest grepolis players

    Jokes on you. I already came.
  3. The English are the weakest grepolis players

    Romanian servers are fun. I mean not like going to the beach fun. Or kissing your sister fun. But more like shoving shards of broken glass inside of you and taking a bath in Tabasco sauce fun.
  4. Pre-World Omfori Discussion Thread

    I just hope both teams have fun.
  5. No Open CQ Worlds

    Jesus your forum responses are more lack luster than your in game responses. Tell ya what. Let’s make it easy. If I come back I’ll tell ya what ocean I land in or send ya a link. Let’s see how it goes.
  6. No Open CQ Worlds

    Was driving on the freeway and thought I could get you to take another ban, attempt to find someone to dox me again, apologize and ask to join me in another world again, then cry about it to anyone that’ll listen when told no. But keep riding me, I’m actually quite bored and it’s always...
  7. No Open CQ Worlds

    Are the next three worlds going to be conq? Because there’s not really a balance of conq worlds at the moment.
  8. No Open CQ Worlds

    Still kinda weird to land a spot where there’s no active conqs considering the next release is bound to be about a month away.
  9. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Just my opinion but yes and no. I have a love-hate relationship with it. On one hand, it can level a playing field and make it harder on people golding out nukes. On the other hand, I’ve seen alliances carry 8+ Lmds and do mostly lmd conqs. But if you did pick up one or two good ones and had...
  10. Pre-World Nero Discussion Thread

    Imo morale only ever served one effective purpose in terms of balancing. Which was low morale drivers. Which Inno decided we’d only get LMDs worlds and then decided we’d never get LMD worlds. Which basically sums up 95% of their decisions for this game. Newer players by and large will get...
  11. Sink&Swim

    Oh I don't disagree that he's not the only offender or that in certain match ups (Like AA) him going off was a karma scenario for a lot of their leads and multiple players on their team (and would have been for Charlie if AA won too). That said, I don't think being friends with Hydna is the only...
  12. Spartan Assassins Summer 2022 Feedback Thread

    God damn, Biden economy even hit the shop prices.
  13. Sink&Swim

    No defense of Charlie it’s been pretty heavily implied by Baudin that offering gold wasn’t the only thing that Charlie was doing. But it’s pretty clear that the rules are applied inconsistently and made to be intentionally vague when you ask for specifics. But let’s be honest here. The problem...
  14. Sink&Swim

    Still only sticking the top 5 here. 1) The Black Hand/Mano Nera- They've jumped from 2nd to 1st having added an entire second alliance to their ranks. I'm going to be honest here...I'm not really sure what the strategy is for this group. They're sitting at 86 players this early in the world...
  15. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    I like how I was just throwing **** at the wall and seeing what sticks based on about 4 min of research, some of the Koany people memed on it, and Charlie is just like "Huh, I better head this off".
  16. Ban Gold the 1st 7 days at a World start!

    Are you talking total players or players in a single time frame? Either way it’s probably Alpha or Beta.
  17. Sink&Swim

    Lead a busy life now a days. But a few friends in the world and weirdly enough someone requested one. So threw up a map on grepo life and went from there.
  18. Sink&Swim

    All according to plan
  19. Sink&Swim

    Will do a top 5 going over the best case, the worst case, and what will probably happen. 1) JFL- Situated in O54 and O55. They have probably the best core of anyone in the world right now with lots of directions to grow in. Their main opponents initially look like they'll be Koany2012...