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  1. Queen Peace

    If annexing territories around the globe and ruling colonies with exploitative behavior is admirable behavior, then yes, you might look up to the queen. Then again, there’s plenty of other exploitative imperialistic heads of state around the world so you can join a new team
  2. Queen Peace

    They are too busy grieving to formulate a coherent response #thoughtsandprayers
  3. The Story of Oricos

    little known fact that puppet master rad had this entire storyline typed out months before meme even dropped
  4. WC link

    New World chat, fresh start. Active players only (I have no way to discriminate this)
  5. Trash Talk

    application rejected nerd
  6. The Game is Dead

    et tu, corvi?
  7. Saving Grep

    what does this NFT idea do except just give inno more money? they already make a bunch of money on this game and clearly do not reinvest it in this game, but use it to develop other games instead. so why would they do anything different with supposed NFT revenue lol. They don't even advertise...
  8. Proposal VM mode for CQ worlds

    simplest option to improve the hell that can be entering VM is to allow the player entering VM to attack themselves after VM time, so that the player can at least attempt to kill CS that may land last second. Already the native backsnipe can work. I actually very much dislike the proposal...