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  1. Myrddin Emyrs

    Wheel of Battle 2024 Feedback Thread

    disbanded months ago everyone went there seperate ways
  2. Myrddin Emyrs

    Wheel of Battle 2024 Feedback Thread

    Must have missed that, game's a game I dont hold grudges, i move on, mistakes were made, that is life, im over it im simply stating the obvious take from it what you will bro.
  3. Myrddin Emyrs

    Wheel of Battle 2024 Feedback Thread

    Why Bother..... oh because you lot are greedy and need more money, because the player base has dramatically fallen over the years because you won't listen to them and what they want, typical short sighted GREED...............
  4. Myrddin Emyrs

    A novel idea & the end of the line.

    Inno was born and grepolis was created, what was a novel idea, a game based on ancient Greek Times, where players around the world could play over the years this game grew what once was a great game slowly with advancing times and changing habits became solely focused on making money. A game...
  5. Myrddin Emyrs

    Innogames MTG acquisition 2017

    As we all know innogames since 2017 has been going downhill which coincides with MTG acquiring INNO, with last 2 yrs updates and player welfare has been non existent, errors and lack of communication and with letting go of staff this year has all contributed to player disgruntlement, lack of...
  6. Myrddin Emyrs

    Tyche's Wheel of Battle 2023 Feedback Thread

    Yeah really don't believe it saying as they aint slow putting up the gold offer are they on the event that aint about, bunch of JOKERS
  7. Myrddin Emyrs

    Tyche's Wheel of Battle 2023 Feedback Thread

    Maybe this post is a year old maybe we all missed it and it was last year
  8. Myrddin Emyrs

    Tyche's Wheel of Battle 2023 Feedback Thread

    Nah can't do anything right this lot expect nothing less
  9. Myrddin Emyrs

    Limit Gold spending

    Some decent points a lot nah u want to sleep go play American server they have night bonus for those bunch of pansies
  10. Myrddin Emyrs

    Easter Event

    Not to cluck on anyone's parade but Easter is in 8 days the fact that this hasn't been announced yet is a bit shocking to say the least
  11. Myrddin Emyrs

    Proposal No gold, no events

    Ita actually a good idea either a world without gold, but can have everything else or a buy world for like 10k gold to join would have a large player base for it.
  12. Myrddin Emyrs

    Proposal New hero world speed 5

    Hero World speed 3 would be more suited for everyone, and more likely to be filled, speed 5 no one wants to be sitting in the toilet and getting attacked having a shower or getting it on with partner with alarms going off
  13. Myrddin Emyrs

    En151 Top 10 - Pre BP

    I laughed so hard at this that I sneezed farted and broke my back at same time
  14. Myrddin Emyrs

    Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    I played Himera yes LMD's were a pain but it's a strategy game and yes OV tried it on me and yes they failed. So if u suck at the game then you are going to lose cities for the main reason, you are crap at the game don't play if you don't like the rules simples. Oh P.S I didn't lose any cities...
  15. Myrddin Emyrs

    Pre-World Omfori Discussion Thread

    Who the xxxx in there right xxxxxx mind wants this xxxxx speed, world will be over before u xxxxx know it, this has inno greed written all over it. When will we get back to the way it was where worlds get released less, the settings are reasonable and worlds actually lasted and had enough...
  16. Myrddin Emyrs

    Lack of units

    That's what slingers, archers are defined as Javelin throwers as for pikemen there wasn't any, the Macedonians used a weapon called a pike not the greeks, but wasn't until 17th century pikemen were a thing.
  17. Myrddin Emyrs

    New game idea

    Because one nothing in it for inno, it's all about making money. Two, you don't go backwards you go forwards. Three, if did that you would lose a lot of players and nothing to make new players join as building city from scratch and attempting to take cities of folk is hard enough without it...
  18. Myrddin Emyrs

    Lack of units

    The game is based in ancient Greece not the dark ages.
  19. Myrddin Emyrs

    World Chat discord

    What a surprise a world chat full of twats blow me down me hearties
  20. Myrddin Emyrs

    Top 12 Noob's Top 6

    Bit early for another crap top 6 or 12 or whatever.