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  1. Top 12 Thread

    You were not outnumbered 3-1, stop exaggerating. You are really going to stoke poops ego if you tell him he is worth 45 players by himself.
  2. Top 12 Thread

    Hey it is not fault if you spent more time founding cities instead of conquering them. Lets see those grepolife stats
  3. Top 12 Thread

    What part of city count do you not get? Who said anything about bots? If you are using them, it sure is not helping.
  4. Top 12 Thread

    Don I look at city count not points and this war has been going on a lot longer than a few weeks.
  5. Top 12 Thread

    Sons was done in by inactivity, if nothing else. Notice the amount of boots.
  6. Top 12 Thread

    That was plenty fair when you looked at the city count at the start of the war.
  7. Top 12 Thread

    No coalition was formed Pre-World. You led your alliance over the cliff, now your on here trying to spout some conspiracy theory. Anybody that can read a map knows the best move at the time was due East, but you were to busy hugging with Don to have made it happen. Next time don't start a fight...
  8. Top 12 Thread

    Can I join this imaginary coalition? I bet it is filled with leprechauns, pixie dust, and unicorns.
  9. Trash Talk Thread

    No issues. Don, any other player we would probably have believed him.
  10. Trash Talk Thread

    I thought we were referring to one ghosted player? Feel guilty about something?
  11. Trash Talk Thread

    Sorry bud, but when you keep crying wolf and the wolf finally shows up, don't get upset when people don't believe you.
  12. Trash Talk Thread

    Why didn't you send a screenshot to prove it? Especially from a chronic liar.
  13. Trash Talk Thread

    My whole point is he has spent the last week lying his butt off. Don could have easily screenshot his status to prove he hit it. So stop with the nonsense. Don is looking for a reason to leave the world.
  14. Trash Talk Thread

    No time to play but spent all day talking smack with Beer and lying his butt off on other topics.....hmmm. Why didn't he VM? Honest truth is that he couldn't handle getting used as a pinata.
  15. Trash Talk Thread

    That's my line
  16. Top 12 Thread

    You sure sound salty. So much so that you are going to put Mortons out of business.
  17. Trash Talk Thread

  18. Pnp Island [island]180010[/island]

    Yes but at least Beer sends ls to escort. Not hard to defend when this happens
  19. Gold Exchange Feedback Thread

    I feel like like Inno has gone complete gangster, destroying every ounce of the game because of the complaining of a few players. Inno can give any excuse they want but the truth of the matter is, like the mob, they wanted "their cut" of all trades