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  1. sai sumanth

    Gaming mouse pads

    Just a couple of extra bucks and you can have a great gaming experience
  2. sai sumanth

    Gaming mouse pads

    If you're going to invest $50 or more in a great gaming mouse, it couldn't hurt to plunk down just a little bit more for a great mouse pad to go with it. While mouse pads aren't the absolute necessity they were back in the days of ball mice, they still provide a comfortable, streamlined surface...
  3. sai sumanth

    Top 12 Alliances

    i dont think to judge alliances with names,we all have to wait till beginners protection ends,then this would be a suitable topic
  4. sai sumanth

    Server offline?

    again again......... crash i hate it
  5. sai sumanth

    Dream Settings

    speed 4 alliance has not started even in the beta test server.
  6. sai sumanth

    PNP, Sanity Cleans up ocean 56.

    i dont see this thing as a Pnp
  7. sai sumanth

    DOTW #5- What is a good conquer on Phi?

    in my opinion taking a city from a alliance which is best in that server from a player who is very good at playing is the best conquer
  8. sai sumanth

    Alternative Milestones

    milestones are not being updated
  9. sai sumanth

    DOTW #2- Is/Was BP just right on Phi?

    5 days is good for such speed world.7 days Bp gives a player to move closer to conquest and that should not be the condition.a player should move closer to conquest under attacks and pressure then only he will learn how to play the game.
  10. sai sumanth

    [PnP] Kittens Can Barely Scratch

    senaq was my friend.though he attacked.i said in forums you remember that not all of our players are contributing.while LV players are only few but all contributed that is why their alliance successded in clearing cities .but coming to our alliance cute fury kittens only some players contributed...
  11. sai sumanth

    [PnP] Kittens Can Barely Scratch

    both the alliance LV and TT fought well
  12. sai sumanth

    Core Ocean Predictions

    even though they wont display they will know somehow and cute fury kittens are allied with lv cus lv contains members of cure fury kittens
  13. sai sumanth

    DOTW #1- Is Premium the key to being a top player on Phi?

    Premium is a key to a player only in the starting of the game and in later stages i dont think it is necessary when u many starting you can queue the things in senate and by using merchant u can get more resources. But a player who is not that active cannot find any use with premium...
  14. sai sumanth

    Rate the Player Above

    Points 8/10 alliance 8/10 position 7/10 rep 6/10 29/40
  15. sai sumanth

    Phi Settings

    usally i think they release at 2 noon Gmt
  16. sai sumanth

    Introduce Yourself to Phi!

    Name:- Sai sumanth Ocean: anywhere i can survive Alliance: Previous Worlds: Zeta,Theta Other Stuff: Will be playing this world only after june 2nd
  17. sai sumanth

    Officially declaring the fall of Nexus

    But there are no leaders in the alliance to guide the players and apart from TCO only 1 leader was present for the alliance
  18. sai sumanth


    you cant comment in that way this thread is only to show your wall.