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  1. Blayz

    Hey everyone

    Hey there! Considering the world is going to open soon (i hope) just wanted to say hi and wish everyone good luck :) So good luck everyone! Cya on the battlefield :)
  2. Blayz

    Im back

    Hey everyone! After a few months of a break im finally back! :D So hows everything going?
  3. Blayz

    There back

    I dont know if you have heard but they are back (The lonely island) and there new song is awesome! Check it out
  4. Blayz

    Ghost city support

    Lets say player A sends support to player B and then goes ghost. What happens to the support?
  5. Blayz


    Is anyone making Coat of Arms? because i need one really fast for my alliance. and sorry if i posted this in the wrong section, i didnt know were to post it
  6. Blayz

    Someone beat up Zeus

    Someone beat up Zeus Look at his face
  7. Blayz

    KoTR Premade

    Knights of The Republic (possible name) Description: We are an elite group of player here to conqure. We are not here to play simcity we are here to play a war game. We will not acsept pacts until the end of beginners protection. My experience: I was once the co/founder of Titans Lions...
  8. Blayz

    Jedi Academy

    Does anyone here play Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi academy?
  9. Blayz


    +REP if you hate people who are asking for +REP
  10. Blayz


    This is an alliance for players from the ex Yugoslavia, we will accept players that arent from countries that were in Yugoslavia. If you want to join message me and il invite you.
  11. Blayz

    Who is he?

    Who is he? no one knows do you know Who is The Stig (top gear)? this is just for fun just write someone who you think the stig is. I think its Top gear dog think about it he was there for a couple of episodes and then just vanished :P
  12. Blayz

    Grepolis idiot

    Grepolis Idiot Dont wanna be a grepolis idiot one server controlled by gargarenthis, dont want a server under gargarenthis even doe he is really strong. Welcome to a new kind of tension. All across the ladokan core server. Where everything isn't meant to be okay. gargarenthis dreams of...
  13. Blayz


    is anyone here a fan of Smosh (youtube chanel) and whats your favorite video? mine is IF VIDEO GAMES WERE REAL and IF MOVIES WERE REAL
  14. Blayz


    Will zeta and the other world also be updated to 2.0?
  15. Blayz

    TLA recruiting

    Titaans Lions Academy is recruiting member with les then 5000 points. We will acsept players over 5000 points as long as they have less then 10 000 points.
  16. Blayz


    Does anyone here play KoH (Knights of Honor, its not a browser game its a RTS (real time strategi))
  17. Blayz

    Eminem vs. Bieber

    Eminem vs Bieber I say EMINEM :) :) :)
  18. Blayz

    The Knights Avengers

    Hi im creating an alliance here everyone is welcome to join it wil be called The Knights Avengers. If you want tojoin then please contact me in the game (Blayz) if you want to join please chose the direction North-West (you dont have to if you dont want to)
  19. Blayz

    The Knights Avengers

    Hi i just created an alliance called The Knights Avengers im recruiting in all oceans. Please if your looking for an alliance consider The Knights Avengers :D
  20. Blayz

    World Wonders

    Dont take me wrong i love the world wonders but i think it make this game more agresive and gives stronger players an advantage. Every time i start building up troops someone atacks me and takes my city i think it gives stronger players more agresive. I cant take a break of building troops...