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  1. Surabaya Jenny

    Update to Version 2.160 Discussion Thread

    good you put a stop on bp faking - we all know those "great warriors" who put themselves on top of the ABP ranks by massively killing their own CSses ... But what about strategic bp leeching? e.g., an alliance member is under siege by the enemy, and the alliance sends support (DLU/ALU) while at...
  2. Surabaya Jenny

    Script DIO-Tools

    when I logged in this morning, I had this new christmas thingy on the down left corner of my screen: I don't want it, it is just a link to a smilies page in internet and not useful for the game. How do I get rid of it?
  3. Surabaya Jenny

    Update to Version 2.152 Discussion Thread

    same here. Game is unplayable now.
  4. Surabaya Jenny

    Update to Version 2.150 Discussion Thread

    that is exactly why Inno arrange these events so very often
  5. Surabaya Jenny

    Pre-World Carystus Discussion Thread

    Fully agree, ally cap doesn't really matter. Wouldn't say it's sim city, but it has become a massive event game. Every dumbhead can play this game by filling up their baracks and harbours with huge flyers nukes and LS nukes bought with tokens (which again can be purchased with gold/real...
  6. Surabaya Jenny

    Update to Version 2.136 Discussion Thread

    Sorry but I doubt that anyone asked for this "feature", why would they? Removing the stacking of tokens only gives disadvantages to players. Btw, once upon a time we had polls and votings for new ideas and such things, now I haven't seen any poll for ages. What happened to the idea polls?
  7. Surabaya Jenny

    Winds of Change Feedback

    I want little cute cerbs playing in the backyard of my Hades cities :) And I want Unicorns! I want I want I want!
  8. Surabaya Jenny

    Would You Play A Old School World Today?

    I would definitely play an oldschool world, provided there's no attack alarm (or at least no app alarm) and no use of gold other than for advisors. More than anything else, the alarm function and the must of using gold to keep pace have ruined the fun.
  9. Surabaya Jenny

    Script DIO-Tools

    Hi Dio, the recipe link in the event window (current Demeter event) still points at the fall event 2016 Will there be a recipe list for the current Demeter event? I'm really missing it.... I know grcrt have a recipe list, but not the very useful function "recipe search" you always had in your...
  10. Surabaya Jenny

    EN95 Settings Poll

    nope, Dimale was a speed 4 world and it opened exactly 1 year ago. Was a great one btw, speed 4 (world and units) would be my preferred settings.
  11. Surabaya Jenny

    TBT To When Everyone Said We'd Fail

    yeah guess Zero Fox GONE was too close to the truth btw, in the northern oceans they are also pacted/NAP'ed -- oh sorry, NOT pacted/NAP'ed -- with Nightmares of Elysium and Club 53/Downstairs Club 53. Just in case anyone did believe the "we have no pacts" claim...
  12. Surabaya Jenny

    Milestones Awesome Hits

    aww Duffy, don't pout allow me the little schadenfreude
  13. Surabaya Jenny

    Milestones Awesome Hits

    actually I'm not a friend of walls but sometimes they really come in handy he got me offline here expected a HC, but no....
  14. Surabaya Jenny

    Fall Event 2016 Discussion Thread

    same here, did a lot of building and training and stuff but haven't got any ingredients yet
  15. Surabaya Jenny

    Divine Senses

    I found this on the german forum and made a screenshot. Obviously the bonus you would get when purchasing a gold package, was shown in the offer beforehand (either the bp token, like shown here, or the extra gold coins). By clicking the purchase button, you accepted the offer. So anybody has...
  16. Surabaya Jenny

    Divine Senses

    2 of my friends who bought gold, got the super token (heightened senses). Unfortunately, I bought 20k gold before I found this thread -- and ofc I got only 2k gold in bonus. This was the last time I have bought any gold in this game. When the gold is used up, I will stop playing grepo. I'm a...
  17. Surabaya Jenny

    Fixed i dont know if this a bug or not but huh?????

    hahaha made my day! But your gold amounts are too small, if I know Inno right they would rather loot us like this: 0 gold = no attack alarm 100 gold = standard notification tone 200 gold = trumpets (lowest possible volume) 400 gold = trumpets (normal volume) + phone shakes 800 gold = trumpets...
  18. Surabaya Jenny

    Discussion Monthly Discussion Two: Is Morale Good or Bad?

    In revolt worlds, morale is ok. It doesn't bother me there because I'm not attacking tiny players. Let them sim their way, I don't care. BUT: I hate morale in conquest worlds, because it is heavily abused there. In the conquest world I'm currently playing, tiny players are working as...
  19. Surabaya Jenny

    2.112 Discussion Thread

    Training queue bug: what about fixing the most annoying bug currently in game? Will it be fixed silently, or won't it be fixed this time either? Btw, the new world I'm playing (Kos on us-server) doesn't have this bug.
  20. Surabaya Jenny

    Pending Troop queue and resources delivery stuck at 0:00:00

    Why would we need to contact ingame support? It is a well-known bug, all players in all worlds are affected (at least all players I'm playing with), Inno announced a fix for it, but it wasn't fixed. So the developers are aware of the problem. Would really love to get rid of this annoying bug.