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  1. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    Good fighters dream of fighting a foe like you but rarely get that lucky. You're a real trooper mate. Loved fighting u'll. I hope the other whiners can take a page from your book and start acting like they're the result of evolution and not the contrary. Looking at you Zeus.
  2. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    i have rarely read a top 12 and never that good in content, facts and delivery Bravo That gave me the splits.
  3. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    What happened to that kid? I didn't even get to give him a proper demonstration
  4. Top 12 Sink or Swim?

    How about u wait for "MY" Ace in "Your" Hole?
  5. Pre-World Istros Discussion Thread

    Nice, haven't tried revolt till date, only conquest worlds, but all other settings look really nice so i'm definitely gonna try this world out. Any premades looking for a highly active and team oriented mastermind of a warrior to buff their numbers should contact me for a chat and we can take it...
  6. Update to 2.42 Discussion Thread

    Awaiting the introduction of Heroes. Though this was it...
  7. Newspaper DTR Weekly/Monthly News: Out of BP

    Well, he isn't really making fun of our alliance, as much as he is stating the truth. No harm in that. We really are underperforming, and i feel that i personally am underperforming far more than my entire team. tsk tsk tsk.
  8. The Anarchists - Thebes

    DW impressed me as my brother from another mother. The rest was a logical outcome. Thanks AmmonJerro, i look forward to meeting you on the battlefield. :)
  9. Kallistei - Thebes

    This is so wrong Achilles. i was all revved up to lock horns with u'll. You have denied us the pleasure and excitement of that encounter. Nevertheless, i do wish you'll the best for your future. Be Well, S
  10. good player needs an alliance

    Lol'ed @ this whole thread. +rep to all for the laugh.
  11. Newspaper DTR Weekly/Monthly News: Pre-Week

    Oh, and like it says, "i think we all know who'll win that one." And it's funny that i say this, since it wasn't me who said it initially. :D
  12. Newspaper DTR Weekly/Monthly News: Pre-Week

    Hahahahaha. And i thought u were joking or playing around when u mentioned a newspaper. Well Kudos brother. P.S.-Thanks for keeping the confidentiality clause. +rep
  13. Trash Talking

    Link, no offense (though i can't see how); but i'm looking forward to locating ur city. Will your IGN be similar to ur Forum name?
  14. Your Mod

    Boom!!! Hope u have as much fun modding us, as we'll have playing Thebes. Be Well, S
  15. Premade - Thebes

    :D :Pro:
  16. Premade - Thebes

    If you've seen earlier posts you'll see that i believe that women can & do OWN @ times. i like pudding a lot saph. i hope you'll let me taste your pudding sometime. :P My best wishes to all those who come my way on Thebes.
  17. Milestones Thebes Milestones

    i'll +rep u when this is ready. Cheers.
  18. Good luck!

    Amen brother. Personally, i look forward to locking horns with Kallistei & Lacking Sanity. They seem to be worthy opponents.
  19. Lacking Sanity

    Yeah, come NW buddy.
  20. Good luck!

    i promise No Pacts, only Battles. Be Well All.