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  1. Destroyer2010


    This may sound stupid.. but it's been a long time since ive been here last and Im going to join Grepolis again so how do i change my sig? :L
  2. Destroyer2010


    I only saw the film yesterday... But what did yous think of it,Scary or funny? Perrsonally i thought the ending was really scary -_-
  3. Destroyer2010

    4 Deh wins

    Anyone get bored join my alliance :D I dont care about playing this game anymore just join ;D
  4. Destroyer2010

    Best profiles

    I would just like to see who has the best in game profiles,please post them here :P Im too busy now but i will post mine when i have time :P
  5. Destroyer2010

    5 word story

    Yea i know this is common but it's fun,and you also have to try and make a story with only using 5 words each,No double posting. I guess i will just have to start "One day when gang bangers"