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  1. sai sumanth

    Gaming mouse pads

    If you're going to invest $50 or more in a great gaming mouse, it couldn't hurt to plunk down just a little bit more for a great mouse pad to go with it. While mouse pads aren't the absolute necessity they were back in the days of ball mice, they still provide a comfortable, streamlined surface...
  2. sai sumanth

    Officially declaring the fall of Nexus

    Best players of our alliance felt that Nexus is not really the well-oiled machine it should be. So we thought of restarting it. This lead to some of us breaking away from Nexus to get rid of all the dead weight. Bringing with us only the players who are willing to work together as a team. and...
  3. sai sumanth


    how about showing up our walls so lets post our walls here
  4. sai sumanth

    New World

    Is there any world coming with speed 3 and version 2.0 and with alliance cap 60 to 80 and conquest.With morale deactivated As we now got upsilon which is a bit slow version and morale activated and alliance cap 250 since we get worlds with only morale activated or slow. Many players feel...
  5. sai sumanth

    Cheap trick ever done

    When we(The underground knights were going well in the game a s****r came to our alliance saying that he was experienced he acted well for days and suddenly he asked rights so that he can edit the profile info.we thinking he was good gave them saying that he must return them after editing.he...
  6. sai sumanth


    How about showing your walls here I will start first offensive Defensive :Pro: