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  1. Blayz

    And Boom goes the MRA

    Maybe he noticed how much the forum loves them?
  2. Blayz

    Someone start an Alliance called "Mass Recruitment Alliance"

    When grepolis gets deep :Pro:
  3. Blayz

    Chat is a fail.

    I remember once on Zeta when the chat was still new, me and a friend of mine were so happy! Grepolis had a chat system how cool was that! Then we saw that almost nobody used it :/ But i was in many alliances where we used chat a lot for fun, and had a lot of laughs there xD
  4. Blayz

    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    I never read the book eather so i think that will do xD Thanks man, it looks amazing! And wow you work fast haha. Thanks a bunch!
  5. Blayz

    Advanced -- Graphic Design by Xtcmax --

    Hey there, i need a CoA for an alliance. These are the specs i've been told: Type: Coat of Arms (240x180) Theme: "Druss In a battle field, axe in one hand and the head of the king in the other" This guy Druss is a character from a book, he's called "Druss the Legend". If you cant do it (it...
  6. Blayz

    Milestones Milestones of Nysa

    Id like yo aply for the "First person to start a revolt in a 197 point city" please.
  7. Blayz

    Hey everyone

    Hey there! Considering the world is going to open soon (i hope) just wanted to say hi and wish everyone good luck :) So good luck everyone! Cya on the battlefield :)
  8. Blayz


    Well i'm really grateful that the "coming soon" screen is gone xD
  9. Blayz

    O36, are you looking for an alliance?

    How cool would it be if the moderator came and was like "Don't tell me what to do!!" haha.
  10. Blayz

    Newspaper en76 issue 1

  11. Blayz

    Newspaper for this server

    Do it! I always enjoy reading grepo newspaper's :)
  12. Blayz

    Funny messages!

    Lol, well played!
  13. Blayz

    Im back

    Hey everyone! After a few months of a break im finally back! :D So hows everything going?
  14. Blayz

    Hey Who's Joining

    I will :)
  15. Blayz

    It's Now Open!!!

    Yea but for all we know the world might open at 23:59
  16. Blayz

    It's Now Open!!!

    I think kranthitejab has a point.
  17. Blayz

    It's Now Open!!!

    Its a good quote i have to admit.
  18. Blayz

    It's Now Open!!!

    Well someone had to do it sooner or later.
  19. Blayz

    It's Now Open!!!

    Well it is funny xD
  20. Blayz

    Announcement You've won the Lottery

    Thats a better twist then most movies have.