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  1. Surabaya Jenny

    next demand: 45 years ago :)

    hahaha the devs are some jesters me thinks ... not a bug, but a funny text in a farm window world: Taras
  2. Surabaya Jenny

    Battle of Troy: I don't get mercenaries

    World: Katane Since the start of Battle of Troy event this morning, I have performed more than 10 actions (upgraded a number of buildings, trained troops etc.), but I haven't got any set of mercenaries so far. Anyone else who experienced this? In my other world us-Psi I did 5 actions and...
  3. Surabaya Jenny

    Quick Bar not working after update

    After today's update, the Quick Bar items which have sub entries are not clickable and don't open anymore. Please fix it asap. This bug occured with one of the former updates too. World: Katane Browser: Chrome latest version Browser cache cleared? yes Cookies cleared? yes Game restarted? yes...
  4. Surabaya Jenny

    Quickbar not working after newest update

    After the grepo update of today, the Quickbar items with dropdown entries are not clickable anymore. Did the javascript code change? If so, would you please publish the new code? I've got so used to the Quickbar, I really miss its functions Quickbar items with only one main entry (like Senate...
  5. Surabaya Jenny

    Not a Bug Halloween: different output for same ingredients

    world: Rhammus Hello, I found a bug. Two of my ally mates got 30 LS for LS reinforcement level 5 (6 for 5hours), I used the same ingredients, and in the same order, and got 20 LS for reinforcement level 5 (4 for 5 hours). I have enough population, we are in the same alliance, and we used the...
  6. Surabaya Jenny

    upcoming event Persian Conquest

    I've just read the wiki regarding the upcoming event "Persian Conquest". That's a very interesting event, I am really looking forward to it. But I have some questions which weren't answered in the wiki. Question 1: Will it be possible for an alliance to stack the Artemisia supercity in an...
  7. Surabaya Jenny

    Not a Bug Opening 2 or more attack windows disabled?

    Don't know if it's a bug or a feature ... When timing attacks/supports, it was always a good trick to open 2 or more attack/support windows at the same time. So if a timing failed, you could recall and resend your troops very quickly. Since the last update (as of today) this isn't possible...
  8. Surabaya Jenny

    Not a Bug Can't add silver to cave

    Every time I want to add silver to the cave, I get an error message: "You can't store more silver coins than you posess". That's ridiculous, because the error message appears when I'm trying to store less silver than I actually posess. Example: I have 566 silver, I want to store 561, but I get...
  9. Surabaya Jenny

    Fixed award description wrong

    World: Apollonia (didn't check out for other worlds) After each update, it's always exciting to check out which feature has been messed up this time... well, this is one of those I've found so far: Construction acceleration award has a wrong description (sadly we don't get the attack...
  10. Surabaya Jenny

    Confirmed Bug: Phoenician merchant offers wrong myth unit

    The Phoenician merchant Velerios offers the wrong myth unit - God in this city is Athena, but he offers me an Erinye. Note well: I did not change the deity, it has always been Athena. What would happen if I accepted? World: Psi