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  1. -Spyder-

    King of The Hill (Story Version)

    Most of you should know how to play the king of the hill game. You make a scenario where you claim a hill, and the next person says how they defeat you, and they then claim the hill by stating "my hill". Well, in this version of it, make the explanation of you defeating the person above you a...
  2. -Spyder-

    My Songs

    I make songs with Ableton Live, and I've put a few of them on newgrounds. You can listen to them and/or download them for free there. Gimme some feedback!
  3. -Spyder-

    Confirmed Chat Not Working

    I have noticed that the Chat is not working. It doesn't show my username and won't let me post. The same is happening to my alliance mates, so I know it's not me. My alliance uses the chat, so it'd be nice if this could be fixed. Thanks.
  4. -Spyder-

    Funny Group Pictures

    I got bored, so I made this: Anyway, you guys should try making some of these. Just look up something like group picture on google. Then, slowly have it zoom in on a funny face, then put that face in for all of the people. Let's see who can make the best one :)
  5. -Spyder-

    King of the FREAKING Hill

    This forum is too dang quiet. Some nice ol' king of the hill will make things better! This ain't no normal game of king of the hill. THIS IS KING OF THE FREAKING HILL. You should know how to play. If not, watch and find out. To play this version, you say My FREAKING Hill instead of My Hill...
  6. -Spyder-

    I'm mad

    I was playing Grepo, and decided to see if I could get some free gold. So, I watched this video to get 1 gold. WELL, I DIDN'T EVER GET MY GOLD! I WILL FIGHT FOR MY GOLD.
  7. -Spyder-

    Beastly Beasts

    Well. I'm back after being inactive for a few months. I've made an alliance on this world, called Beastly Beasts. We are in the eastern side of ocean 54. We started a week after the world came out. We're just staying under the radar and having a good time. Message Radiationator (me) to ask...
  8. -Spyder-

    Reservations "Partner" Tab

    I haven't played grepolis in a while, and I saw that they just added the Reservations tool. I have figured out everything about it except for the Partners tab. I'm not sure what it means. I'm guessing that it is for your pacts? Any help would be nice.
  9. -Spyder-


    Well, I'm making another premade. Big surprise. I've had quite the time in RL in the past few months, and I'm just looking for a place to escape. Grepolis is that place. I know that I've failed before, so please don't spam the thread reminding me. I will not be as ambitious this time. All I want...
  10. -Spyder-

    Spyder's Shop

    This has got to be my fifth shop at least, but whatever. I have been gone for a few months, and I guess I'm coming back. I want to keep practicing my photoshop skills, and the best way to do that on here is to open a shop. So, here is another one. This time, I won't close it when I get...
  11. -Spyder-

    Advanced Check Out This Awesome Sig!

    It took me about 3 hours to make, and I am really proud of it! CnC please!
  12. -Spyder-

    The Request Club

    Nevermind. Mods please delete this thread.
  13. -Spyder-

    Any Song Makers Here?

    I assume that GrepoFX is for graphic artists as well as song makers. I've been making a lot of songs lately on different programs. Are any of you song makers? I mainly make techno type music. Here is one song I've made:
  14. -Spyder-

    Discussion: Are Alliance Branches Good With These Settings?

    Discuss this. There seems to be some conflict in this area of talking. I think that they are acceptable, but only later in the game when conquests start.
  15. -Spyder-

    Newspaper The Daily Interview

    I am doing a newspaper by myself. I will interview one person each day, then, at the end of every week, I'll release an issue with all 7 interviews. They will be dated. It will be an interesting and quick read. If you want to help make this newspaper better, +rep might convince me to...
  16. -Spyder-

    Ally, War, Disband

    If you don't know how to play: Example: _______ Player 1. LoD, Red Nation, Two For Flinching Player 2. Ally: TFF War: RN Disband: LoD Two For Flinching, Zodiacs, Mongols ____________ First three: 4TREES Black, BrotherHood, The Langoliers
  17. -Spyder-

    Rate The Player Above You

    It works like this: You rate (0-100) the person above you in all of these subjects: Points: Location: Alliance: Profile: Overall:
  18. -Spyder-

    Who's Joining

    Who's Joining? Let's get more people than that lame Sparta world! Muahaha :supermad:
  19. -Spyder-

    Red Nation

    Red Nation will be one of the last premades I will ever make. It will also be the first one that will not fail. I have led many alliances, and most have failed. Now, I will make Red Nation, and it will not fail. I promise you that. If it does go down, it will go down fighting. Now, let me...
  20. -Spyder-

    Beginner How To Make A Simple CoA on Photoshop

    In this tutorial, I will teach you how to make yourself a simple CoA (this is mainly for beginners) so that you don't keep bugging us artists about it. xD Anyway, you can probably do this with gimp, but you'd have to figure some stuff out. This is for beginner's who have photoshop. Keep in...