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  1. -Spyder-

    My Songs

    I've uploaded a bunch of new songs recently. Check them out and give feedback!
  2. -Spyder-

    [DISCUSSION] Future Competitions

    I'm looking forward to the next SoTW season! :D
  3. -Spyder-

    New mod? Who is this crazy guy?

    I can't stand anime! :supermad: lol, congrats philipster on the GFX mod position! I'm looking forward to more SoTWs and other comps!
  4. -Spyder-

    SotW Season 3 Rankings

    Congrats, EQ! :)
  5. -Spyder-

    Fire Ship Ideas

    I think that Fire Ships should be allowed to attack. They have a similar speed of a CS, so you can use them as decoys.
  6. -Spyder-

    SotW Season 3 Week 6 Voting

    I know that you agree with me xtc, but #2 is phenomenal. Simply amazing. I wish I could use it as a wallpaper for my whole house!
  7. -Spyder-

    SotW Season 3 Week 5 Voting

    Number 2 is a freaking masterpiece. I'm glad that xtc agrees with me! It tears to my eyes...
  8. -Spyder-

    My Songs

    I just uploaded a new song:
  9. -Spyder-

    My Songs

    GIMME. SOME. FEEDBACK. lol, jk. I'll be uploading some more new songs soon, though.
  10. -Spyder-

    Advanced Type Pic Off

    I WIN @#@$@$%@^$&^#^@$#^@$%&@$^@!#$!#%@^@$#$$&$^*^&(&*)*( ^ Just look at this complex artwork. The flow and background colors just make me smile.
  11. -Spyder-

    SotW Season 3 Week 4 Voting

    I've got to agree with you. Its I want to live in that landscape.
  12. -Spyder-

    Advanced Late Nature SoTW

    lol, this is crazy! :P
  13. -Spyder-

    King of The Hill (Story Version)

    Most of you should know how to play the king of the hill game. You make a scenario where you claim a hill, and the next person says how they defeat you, and they then claim the hill by stating "my hill". Well, in this version of it, make the explanation of you defeating the person above you a...
  14. -Spyder-

    Looking for a good read...

    I personally like The Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband Chronicals series. Also, The Maze Runner series is great. I tend to read a lot of young-adult fiction :P
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    My Songs

    I make songs with Ableton Live, and I've put a few of them on newgrounds. You can listen to them and/or download them for free there. Gimme some feedback!
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    Inactive Topic City Wall Buildings

    I like the idea. It will make me feel like a real knight! :D
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    Any Song Makers Here?

    I just made a new song (it's a work in progress):
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    Spyder's Shop

  19. -Spyder-

    Spyder's Shop

    You uploaded them wrong. Right click on one of the images, and select "Open in New Tab". Then, copy that link, and paste it into [ img ] [ / img] (without the spaces) on your sig. For your avatar, do the same thing, but just paste the link into the thing for your avatars. I will not be making...
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    Spyder's Shop

    Yeah. I need to remember to save more often :P