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  1. To Bot or not to Bot- that is the question!

    It is amazing to that after failing to hold a team together, how any alliance can claim another is cheating! Some claim others must be using scripts or bots to win. So a question - how many players do you think use either?? :rolleyes:
  2. Warning about Grepo Virus

    Understand that there is now a Virus being passed in Grepolis via PMs? Would have been nice that players are warned about this issue! :eek:
  3. Why remove our Crowns ??

    After spending weeks and a bunch of money for Gold, we finish the wonders to only get a PDF and a Crown added to our profiles. Now most of the worlds we earned them in are gone AND the Crowns have been removed from our profiles!!! WHY!!:(
  4. Just amazing !

    After completing the 7 wonders in Kappa, several of us couldn't wait to join Hero World (Achilles) to play against other top players. After playing here for almost 8 months now I must say its AMAZING how many novice players there are in HW. Several come and go, while others just complain or...
  5. Wake of the Kraken - here we grow again

    With the addition of Friendship's top players and other key players we are now one of the top 5 in Achilles!:cool: